Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Warmans

It's been awhile since I've posted an update. I hope a stack of newly painted stuff will earn the esteemed readers' forgiveness. Pics after the jump!
First up, I've painted a whole mess of Satyxis Raiders. In fact, I've got the full boat- max unit, UA, and supporting solo. This is your classic glass cannon unit- super fast and hard to hit, but essentially no armor. Normally they'd be vulnerable to blast damage, but they even have a way around that (see below). These form the core of my pDeneghra list, one I designed to be as different as possible from my Trollbloods.

Up first is the unit, with the weird S&M looking unit leader.I had a rough time translating onto these models my worn and weathered desert-ish scheme. They're very tiny and don't have much armor, so the weathered bone-colored armor is hard to do. I used more of the greenish accent color instead, and lots of rusted metal on the whips.

Another shot of just the unit leader.

This is the Satyxis Raider Captain solo. She supports the unit and is no slouch in combat herself. I didn't notice until I started painting the model, but she has an eyepatch. Nice little detail to show she is battle-worn and badass.

Lastly, here is my UA, the Sea Witch. She makes the whole unit obnoxiously hard to kill at range, by upping their defense against shooting and making them immune to blast damage. This was one of the only models I was able to fit some OSL onto. Her eyes are glowing, reacting to some magic she is working with the skull there.

Up next, a pair of Pistol Wraiths. These are super awesome shooty solos that can run around being Incorporeal and nearly impossible to kill. Again, totally different from my Trolls. No prize for guessing which is the classic model and which was the updated alternate sculpt.

I fit in some OSL by making the guns glow with their magic, as well as eyes. The glow coming from the skull of the second wraith might have been too much, not sure. But I thought painting it as actual dead gray or white hair looked weird.

After finishing these, and some models for other folks (and building a bunch of other models that now need painted, argh), I went back to my Trollbloods. I got an early release Fennblade Kithkar solo courtesy tau4eva's visit to GenCon. I figured I better paint it up ASAP, otherwise why bother getting it early?

I have to say, I hated this model when PP first released pics of it. However, like with many Privateer models, I think it looks much better in person. That's especially true after removing the raised visor piece. You can't tell here, but this model is HUGE. He's easily bigger than many of my casters, and even rivals light warbeasts in size! Super fun to paint. I can't wait to get him on the field. I will probably buy a second and mod it with different weapons.

Well, that's it for now as I roll into another fall semester. Thanks as always for checking out my stuff!


  1. Sweet paint as usual. How does the Kithcar work? What casters are you gonna try for Cryx?

  2. Kithkar is a 2pt super combat solo. 2x Pow13 reach attacks with high MAT. He has several abilities to help keep him alive, and has super vengeance (anything near him dies, he gets to respond). He also lets Fennblades in his CMD range advance through each other, which is SUPER useful wit medium based dudes. Guy is crazy good for 2 pts.

    I plan to just use mostly pDenny, though I did grab a pSkarre that I'll paint up at some point when I get bored with Denny.