Friday, September 6, 2013

Infinity Hobby - Start of my ALEPH army

Infinity has definitely gotten more popular at Gamer's Sanctuary recently and I have totally bought in now.   The game is really enjoyable and it was time to get paint on some models.   The artwork is really cool and quite a change from the Grimdark (no skulls anywhere).   I picked up the Infinity artbook vol.1 at GenCon to use as a painting guide.   Pictures below.

I liked the studio paint scheme for ALEPH but I wanted a variation on all the white armor.   I have pretty much fully converted to Privateer Press paints now and found a good mix of off-white shades in the P3 line.

My first model to test my paint scheme was on a Zayin Rebot.   ALEPH relies on remotes more than other armies but some of them have really good rules.   The Zayin has proven its worth defensively having a 360 visor, total reaction (full burst on ARO!), and a heavy machine gun.

I liked how the paint scheme turned out.   The white/dark areas offer nice contrast while the bright magenta lights offer some color.   I ended up trying enamel paints for the "glowy" areas and am happy with the results.

I decided to use Tau Ceti resin bases from Secret Weapon Minatures.  They match the Infinity aesthetic very well.

There were two models in ALEPH that got me to pick them.   One of them was the Marut TAG.  I love the look of this model.   The pose is very dynamic and just looks badass.

Turns out it is pretty good on the tabletop as well.   TAGs are the highest point cost models and the Marut is no exception.   It takes up a lot of points in the standard 300 point lists, but it has proven worth it in the few games I have used it.

The other model that got me to choose ALEPH was Penthesilea.

Although the fluff has her part of the ALEPH sectoral army, I find she does just fine in my vanilla lists.

Her rules are really good and she bucks the trend in the game by actually being able to reliably get into close combat.

It is also cool that she brings an extra order to your list, though you have to be careful since a clever opponent will know how to plan a trap for a model with the Impetuous rule.

Well it's a start.   I have plenty of models to paint up as I probably own 500 points now.   Look for my ALEPH on the table on our YouTube channel.   Until then, a little something for brother Jeramiah :o)

ALEPH - Humanity's great defense against the Combined Army of the Evolved Intelligence

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