Thursday, August 1, 2013

Infinity the Game: 150pt Beginner Tournament @ Gamers Sanctuary on Sunday, August 18th

Interested in learning a new game but don't want to invest in dozens of models? Do you like the idea of skirmish level games that play fast and fun? Just looking for something different?  Infinity the Game might be for you!

Fresh Coast Gaming will host a 150pt Infinity ITS Beginner Tournament at Gamers Sanctuary in Flint, MI on Sunday, August 18th with registration starting at noon and gaming at 1pm.

This tournament is open to veterans (dig out those models from when you tried Infinity a couple years ago!) but is geared toward newer players, focusing on simple missions and small armies to help the unfamiliar learn the basics of Infinity Tournament System (ITS) play. However, the prizes are anything but basic.

100% of all entry fees paid in will be redistributed to the Top finishers in the form of store credit. In addition, we'll also have the Infinity Classic Tournament Pack to augment these great prizes.

The tournament pack includes:
• 1 Winner Pack (Max Skorpio, Authorized Bounty Hunter with 2 LE Pins & MAS base)
• 1 Diploma for the winner
• 1 Limited Edition Patch
• 2 random Patch
• 1 Weapons Blister
• 2 random model Blisters
• 4 Posters
• 10 Pins
• 10 Artwork Cards

Win or lose, you're bound to walk away with some swag!

This will be an official Infinity ITS Tournament. Players that are not already registered with the ITS (Infinity Tournament System) can do so here:
Take part in the ITS international ranking system!

150pt Infinity ITS Beginner Tournament
• Where: Gamers Sanctuary in Flint, MI
• Registration Begins @ 12pm
• Event Begins @ 1pm & ends @ approximately 6pm
• Format: 150-Point ITS (See below for special conditions)
• Entry Fee: $10.00

There will be several restrictions to even the playing field (a bit) and to leave out some of the more complex rules interactions:
  • Maximum of seven (7) models. This includes all models with a full stat-line, so models with Ghost: Synchronised & Ghost: Servant count towards this total.
(Note: Sorry, I know this rule seems to handicap (a lil) some armies, like Aleph, but the model cap helps to keep things simple and running smoothly, which is a primary goal of this first event. Remember, we're doing this one for fun and there'll be plenty of opportunities to bring your favorite models & lists to future Fresh Coast Gaming hosted Infinity 300pt tournaments.)
  • Hidden/Airborne Deployment may be used but you must inform your opponent, before the start if the game, that there will be surprise models.
(Usually, you want to keep this stuff, in addition to your Lieutenent, secret from your opponent, which can lead to fun, cinematic shenanigans.)
  • Mines cannot be used, instead the models get D-Charges.
(Who uses mines anyway? lol)
  • Link Teams are capped at three (3) models.
(This caps the link team benefit to +1B and simplifies the AROs that'll come up during the tourney.)
  • No more than three (3) models can start as Camouflage or TO Camouflage markers.
(Who has more than 3 in a 150pt list anyway, right?)
  • No Impersonation or Sepsitor. (*shudder*) 
(*An example of some of our Infinity tables @ Gamers Santuary)
The tournament will start off with newer players matched against newer players while experienced players get matched against experienced players in the first round. All subsequent pairs will be based off a player's record. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 players as well as for other categories such as best painted army, judged by tournament participants.

Plan on an afternoon of light-hearted, not-too-serious gaming. And you don't have to be an Infinity guru to join us on Sunday, August 18th. New players welcome! 
Later this fall, Fresh Coast will begin hosting regular 300pt ITS tournaments using the standard rules and scenarios, so this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a game that is exponentially growing in popularity. (For more, check out
If you have any questions, contact Gamers Sanctuary ( or connect with Fresh Coast Gaming through our forums.

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