Sunday, August 4, 2013

Board Game Hobby: Painted Relic Busts

Last month I decided to switch gears on my hobby table and paint up the miniatures from the Relic board game from Fantasy Flight Games.   I got introduced to this game by my same buddy who introduced me to Warhammer 40k many years ago.   I really enjoyed the game play, the artistic game board, and the detailed mini busts.   I picked up my copy at Adepticon and knew that it would soon be a staple in my board game rotation.   After seeing some examples of some other players Relic pieces painted on, I got inspired to get mine done.

Like Fantasy Flight's other 40k titles, this game does a great job incorporating fluff into the rules.   While technically a board game, Relic does have many RPG elements that help forge a cool narrative.   The game has great repeat-ability between the different characters and missions.   I am looking forward to future expansions.

For the most part, I tried to match paint schemes for the minis to the artwork on their stat card.

Tech Priest, Space Marine Captain, Inquisitor, Canoness 
It was a nice change of pace to paint these minis.   The scale is much larger than the 28mm I am used to for all the table top games.

I tried out some new techniques from the SWM painting classes we had a couple of weeks back.   The biggest thing I learned was to use a wet palette instead of a regular mixing tray for my paints.

Ratling sniper, Rogue Trader, Callidus Assassin
Some of the minis had more details than others.   I tried to get some good shading done with the airbrush before going through with details.

My painted minis have often been described as very "clean" looking.   I am not sure if that has been a compliment, but I have tried to improve my techniques beyond applied washes and dry brushing.

Sanctioned Psyker, Ogrun, Commisar
The game that Relic is based on is the Talisman board game from Games Workshop.   Based on the number of expansions that game had I am excited to see what is coming next for Relic.

Until then I plan on getting in more of the "base" game in from time to time.   I managed to get all the minis painted up for this past weekend's boardgame/swap meet day at Gamer's Sanctuary.

Much like table top games, painted  minis increases the enjoyment.   I have a few other board games with miniatures that are going to be painted up in the future.   Thanks for reading!


  1. Take my word for it; "Clean" is a big compliment! The details are precise, the shading is subtle, and the colors absolutely POP! Incredible work!

  2. Yeah, I thought the painted pieces looked great, it definitely made me think about picking it up.

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  4. Relic is more fun with painted models. Had a great time with it on Saturday and now I really want to play it again.

  5. These look amazing. Put them on Cool Mini Or Not :)

  6. A recommendation, hard coat them then matte finish them!!! As they are board game pieces they get handled a TON!!!

  7. This is amazing, Liz! It's perfectly accurate as well as being really well written. The one thing I would say is that including the owl names would be good. I'll list them here from top to bottom and left to right for those who are interested: 'Liddle flame' #57, 'Starstruck' #81, 'Potty Patrick' #52, 'No nonsense' #28, 'Flat Freddie' #82. Also, I'm at Abbotsford Convent Makers' Market on the 3rd Sunday every month. Other market dates are kept up to date on my website.
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