Friday, May 17, 2013

Infinity: A Little Background

Some of us grew up watching a TON of Anime as kids.

While the current Robotech Kickstarter has me reverting back to my 7 year old self, it was some classic Anime from the late 80's which really captured my attention as a teen.  However, wargames never really were able to capture the look and feel of those movies; Until Infinity, that is.  Here are some of the more obvious examples.

Widely considered one of the greatest Anime films ever made, Akira has always been my gold standard.  It's deep and twisted plot and the dystopian future it portrays had me confused and enthralled all at the same time!  Any product that borrows its imagery from Anime has to pay homage to this incredible movie.  Look no further than the motorcycles of Yu Jing, Haquislam, and Aleph to see this influence.  Read more on IMDB.

Another of my favorites, Appleseed, is a much more obvious influence.  Flipping through the rule books, you see Deunan, the main character, everywhere!  Her cyborg partner, Barios, is so clearly the inspiration for every Pan Ocieana TAG, it is almost painful.  Again, a plot centered in a dystopian future and a squad of plucky security officers sounds right at home in a game of Infinity.  Again, check it out on IMDB.

None of this is meant to imply that Infinity is ripping off all the best Anime has to offer.  In fact, their own fluff is SOOO rich and detailed, it is actually intimidating!  Thanks to the fine work from the guys at Corvus Belli put together a series of videos that summarize each faction quickly.  Check them out here, then rent these two movies for the ultimate geek movie night!

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  1. Dang-it, now I have a new army to paint and another system to learn