Sunday, May 19, 2013

How to Play Infinity According to Beasts of War

When I first suggested to Muggins that we try out Infinity at Adepticon, I had already done plenty of research into it.

A few years ago, the guys at Corvis Belli put together an awesome series of videos giving rough outlines of each faction as well as a basic tutorial for how to play the game.  Unfortunately, thanks to their thick Spanish accents, they are a little hard to follow.  That's where their partnership with Beasts of War comes in.  Warren, the cheeky MC for BoW's excellent programming, re dubbed all the videos, making them much easier to follow.  For you, our faithful subscribers, I present them here!

There are several more excellent "how to" videos on their You Tube channel and their main page.  Be sure to check them both out!