Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trollbloods & Minions - Painting Update

Quick post this week of a few models I've finished up recently, including a Trollblood character warbeast and some Minions solos.
First up is the newest Trollbloods character beast, Rök.

Red eyed drunk Berserker troll.

Big ol' axe

Rok (not gonna keep including that umlaut), as expected, is a melee beat stick. Unlike the other character dire troll, he unfortunately does not have Reach. That would have paired really well with his Berserk ability, which forces him to continue attacking if possible after destroying a model in melee. That includes his fellow trolls, so careful movement is necessary! He has a short spray attack
and Assault, so he gets to spray as part of a charge. Fun stuff. Rok brings the powerful animus Primal to Trollbloods. This spell gives a warbeast bonuses to damage and attack rolls, but will cause them to auto-frenzy the next turn. Super useful if you plan for it properly. I look forward to trying this guy out!

Next up is the super useful utility solo, the Gatorman Witch Doctor. This is a super useful model that can be taken as a support piece for Trolls, or as a mainstay in my Blindwater (gatorman) armies.

That's a snake coiled around his left wrist. I never noticed it until I started painting.
The witch doc brings some great utility to any army it's in. Probably its most commonly used ability is its Zombify special action. This makes a target unit Tough and gives them the Undead attribute (which in WM/H is a very good thing indeed). Tough alone is cool, but Undead means auto passing command checks, and ignoring or negating many abilities that work on living models. These two things on a Gatorman Posse with Iron Flesh? Disgusting.

Witch doc can also take control of an enemy undead model to make it do one attack or do a sacrificial strike (basically blow up a friendly model and do a damage roll equal to its armor). Also really good with Gatorman Posse and their ARM 16, incidentally. The Zombify action is maybe less interesting for my Trollbloods, since they come with Tough already. But I still really dig this model and he is amazing for my Blindwater armies. I will definitely be getting a second one!

Next up is a Thrullg, which is basically a creepy monster that seeks out magic to consume:

Super creepy model.

Thrullg is another minions model that also works for the Blindwater army. It can remove upkeep spells, but needs to hit something in melee to do so. Before the new Sorceror in the latest book, Trolls had no spot removal of upkeeps, so Thrullg sometimes was worth taking. (Worth it to lose one model from a unit to strip a debuff.) Nowadays I will mostly use this model with my gators.

Last up is the Totem Hunter, a super fast combat solo, also for Blindwater but plays nicely with most Hordes factions. This was another model rescued from the used minis case at Gamers Sanctuary. That's why the model is on the huge rock. I would have preferred to remove it, but would have ruined the foot that is pinned to the rock. Oh well, got a great price on it!

This dude has a litany of abilities, but long story short they are all about allowing him to zoom up a flank and harass the opposing army. He gets to Prey a target, getting bonuses to charge distance, attack rolls, and damage against that unit. He's just a cool little solo that zips around being annoying. Interestingly, this is also a character model, though many people don't realize it. Some people are speculating the new Hordes faction will feature the people the totem hunter came from.

And that's it for me this week. Thanks for checking out my work. Coming soon, I will finally get my Mountain King painted up. I primed the dude today, and am super stoked to get started!


  1. Still the best looking army in the club!

  2. Your painting is always superb looking and you even upped your game again with these latest. Well done!