Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fresh Coast Dreadball League (FDL) – Week 2 Pre-Game Report

After the pre-season game day at the end of March, the FDL kicked into high gear for opening day on Wednesday, April 3rd.  6 teams faced off on the pitch for some Dreadball action and only 3 could come out on top for the week.

The Hilltop Saviors faced off against rookie team Khafta Overload, a brutal Dwarf on Orx match that ended with a player from each side being killed and the game coming down to the absolute final roll in the 14th rush.  The Saviors came out on top after the final strike attempt from the 4-point hex was botched on one die.  Saviors win 1+.

On the neighboring pitch, it was another brutal match (though not the worst of the evening; see below), this time Orx on Orx between Skulz Crushers and Da Wolverines!  The slams were plentiful in this match, but the squirrely Goblin Jacks proved to be too quick for the lumbering Orx Guards on each opposing team.  No one was killed and the scoring was kept low, with most of the glove action coming from Crushers MVP Slippery Joe.  Crushers win 2+.
Finally, the bloodiest, most violent match of the night occurred on the pitch across the room between B.B. Kings and Team Taco.  The Human Kings suffered a hat trick of player losses against the squat Dwarves of Team Taco.  But while all the blood was being spilled by the Humans, the Orx couldn’t stop their hot gloves and B.B. Kings win 5+.

Thanks to the massive player death-count from last week, the Kings will receive a correspondingly massive underdog bonus of 32mc to their Free Agent/MVP bidding pool this week AND receive three bonus mc dice at the end of their match.
FDL game day is every Wednesday, starting at 530pm at Gamers Sanctuary in Flint.  If you’re interested in a demo, or just want to be a spectator, stop on in and say hi!  As always, stay up to date on league happenings at www.foodhammer.com.  See you next week!


  1. Great job handling the league stuff so far Dustin. Thanks for tracking all the stuff and helping with the rules.

  2. I think a batrep is necessary! My gobber's Strike last night was highlight reel worthy!