Monday, March 4, 2013

Road to Adepticon 2013 - Hobby To Do List

With March here that means only one thing, Adepticon is only a month away!   Four of us from FC40k will be making the trip for the first time this year.   I am really looking forward to experiencing the premiere hobby games event in the country.   With that in mind, I have a few hobby projects to get done this month in preparation.    So here is my first post to kick things off.

My hobby gaming schedule has been pretty full lately with the WM/H Journeyman league, GLWL Warhammer Fantasy games, and the Lost Worlds 40k slow grow campaign.   There are a ton of events scheduled in March as well so I need to make sure I pace myself.

I planned a fairly ambitious schedule for Adepticon.   I am signed up for a lot of events and need to get moving on a lot of little projects.

Tau4eva's Adepticon 2013 To-Do list
  1. Necromunda by Night - Get my 1000 point Delaque gang ready - touch up and re-basing
  2. Zone Mortalis : The Sin of Alacrity - Get 750 points of Blood Angels ready for Boarding Action!
  3. Warmachine/Hordes Iron Arena - Finish my eVyros and Destors cavalry painting oath for March
  4. Warhammer 40k Team Tournament -
    • Touch up my 1000 point Tau army for the team event
    • Assembly/paint/base units for display board
    • Work on my portion of display board
    • Make a 40 mm objective marker
Well, I got one project done off the list yesterday.   Here is how I made my 40mm objective marker.

I decided to get pretty fancy with some Tau Forgeworld pieces for my objective marker and display board.  I ordered the DX-4 Technical drone set and Drone Sentry Plasma Turret.    Funny story, there are no existing rules for the DX-4 drones.   I though for sure they were in one of the IA books, but nope.   Just a model without rules...

Anyway, my objective marker was inspired from a famous movie scene...

I wanted the drone to be rising up out of a crater ala the Imperial probe droid.   It was going to be tough to get that all done on a 40 mm base.   Thankfully I found a nice selection of Secret Weapon Miniature bases that would be perfect.  Now I just needed the perfect Dremel bit to hollow out a crater.

I knew this was going to be messy so I made sure to wear glasses and a filter mask.    Safety first!   I had to use two different bits to get the crater effect on the resin base, but it came out well and made a mess.

The kit came with two drones, so I decided to make another objective marker.   For this one, the drone would be fully deployed.    Next, for the crater I took some basing material to use as the the remnants of the capsule shell destroyed on impact.

Gluing the individual pieces in was pretty easy and I got the effect I was looking for.

The finished products came out pretty well I think.   I painted up the drones to match my Vior'la Sept colors.   I kept the base edge black.   I might paint "objective" on there so people don't confuse it with an actual drone model.

Next up, a few members of the Tau Air Caste assist with establishing a forward observation post for my display board.

I forgot how much I missed working on Tau stuff.   I cannot wait for a new Codex!   Thanks for viewing.


  1. 45 days and counting...
    I am very much looking forward to seeing those Blood Angels.

    And this post had me mentally imitating the crazy noises from the aforementioned scene. I considered, very briefly, trying to type a phonetic interpretation, but I really wouldn't know where to begin.

  2. Awsome markers and display board.. Color me envious.


    1. Says the guy who paints anatomically correct naked beastmen...

    2. Really though those are super sweet models. Loving it.