Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lost Worlds "Slow-Grow" Recap

Ten weeks of Warhammer 40K have come and gone.  We saw two Necrons, a pair of Orks, some Blood Angels, Pre Heresy Imperial Fists, Imperial Guard, Dark and Craftworld Eldar, and at least two different Chaos Warbands!  After all the Battle Points have been totaled, here are the final standings:

1. Joe Harter - 27
2. Jeremy Groat - 26
3. Joshua Brownfield - 24
4. Adam Koziel - 21
5. Chuck Meeker - 20
6. Larry LaFerrier - 20
7. John Stybert - 19
8. Dustin Frigy - 17

Note, I am only including players that participated in at least five weeks worth of games.  While everyone who played at least one game is eligible to participate in the League Tournament this Sunday, these players will be awarded the top seeds for the first round of games.

As for the Painting Points, the points will be added into each player's painting score for the tournament painting prizes.  We will be awarding the best painted miniature and the best painted overall army.  Bonus points will also be given for playing models painted for the league.  Here are the final points:

1. Joshua Brownfield - 26
2. Joe Harter - 25
3. Jeremy Groat - 21
4. Larry LaFerrier - 14
5. Chuck Meeker - 7
6. Dustin Frigy - 6
7. Adam Koziel - 5

To top everything off, I finally got in a game against Jeremy and his rusty Necrons.  Necron lists have the potential to shoot the hell out of my bikers before they can get close enough to do anything.  Jeremy's list seemed to be built just for that.  3 Annihilation Barges, 3 Night Scythes  20 Warriors, 10 Immortals, 5 Deathmarks, 5 Scarabs, a trio of Cryptecs, and an Overlord all seemed fairly standard.  I have been using a pair of Looted Wagons with Boom Guns to back up Zhadsnark and his 24 Biker Boyz.  A Dakka Jet and 5 Defkoptas rounded out my list.  Vanguard Deployment and Purge the Alien give you the rest of the relevant details.

I had the first turn with Night Fighting in play, but Jeremy unleashed his Solar Pulse to cancel that.  My entire army Turbo Boosted forward to get a 3+ Cover Save.  I took a single shot with my Boom Guns and dropped a single Warrior.

Jeremy shifted around to open up firing lanes for his Annihilation Barges while the Scarabs lined up a charge. After the smoke had cleared, I was down only 4 Bikerz.  Jeremy then learned a valuable lesson about charging Ork Bikerz; 3 Twin-Linked snap shots at Str 5 can swat Scarabs off the table with ease.  I managed to take out two bases from Overwatch alone.  My boys took out another while the Warboss and Nob insta-killed the last two with ease.  My boys emerged untouched!

My turn two saw me unleash the Red Tide like it is designed.  The Boom Guns knocked out the shielding on one of the Barges so the Dakka Jet could finish it off.  Zhadsnark sliced one in half with his power claw.  Both my mobs of Boys slammed into the Necron lines with unbelievable success.  By the end of my turn, this is what the table looked like:

That's right; just a single Annihilation Barge left (the Night Scythes are in Reserve).  I almost had him tabled in turn 2!  I have never had that much success against anyone, let alone the powerhouse that is Necrons!

Jeremy did get lucky and had all his flyers come in from reserve, but at that point he was trying to save face.  He did manage to take out my Defkoptas and one of my Looted Wagons, but by turn 5 I had shot down all three of his flyers and trapped his Deathmarks in Reserve.  I managed to win 16 to 2 in Kill Points.

Why am I taking the time to tell you this and not making a video?  BECAUSE I FORGOT MY CAMERA AT HOME!  I think this goes to prove my theory that I win more when I don't film my games!  I think after 10 weeks of playing nothing but my Bikers, I finally figured them out!  Only one month until Adepticon where I can test it for real.

Stay tuned for a summary of my journey building my list.  I hope to get Jeremy and Adam to post their thought as well.


  1. Excellent game! Looks like the Necrons had too much in reserve.

    I look forward to pairing my 1000 points of Necrons with your Biker Boys for some major tag-team mayhem at Adepticon!!

  2. Looks like a lot of familiar names on those lists. I hope some of the new players had fun too.

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  4. It did slow down a bit, but it was fun, and I have learned a lot about painting and have got quite a bit done. Hey Phil will you comment on my list now that my Fists are painted up. Never came quickly :)

  5. We lost some of the new players fairly early. Others didn't fill out score sheets, so I have no idea of the points they earned. Each week there were several different people who showed up just to play a random game. All in all I think it was a success. When GS does a Build a Battalion contest for 40k, I think it will be HUGE!

  6. Had a lot of fun playing in this one. Good job on the variety of missions and keeping it interesting. I didn't get to finish painting all the rest of my Blood Angels stuff that I had planned, but I am happy with what I did get done.

  7. Had alot of fun on the weeks I could attend and bummed work got in the way for me!

    Looking forward to the next event!