Friday, March 22, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Miniatures for Pathfinder RPG

My role playing group recently started a new campaign using the Pathfinder RPG rules.   I am an old D&D veteran and have played all editions up to 3.5.    I really like the Pathfinder rules as they fixed a lot of little problems with D&D 3.5.   Our DM is taking us through the Kingmaker Campaign from Paizo.   So far it has been a lot of fun.   We have five players and I offered to paint up individual miniatures for everyone's character.   I had them select the miniature they wanted to use from the really cool Reaper Miniature figure finder.   

We did not really coordinate character builds and everyone just made what they wanted.   As it turns out, our party is not really balanced and a bit wizard heavy.   So far it hasn't been a problem not having an official "tank" character.

First up, my character Laeron Greymantle, an Elven Evoker.   I might touch up this miniature a bit more, but I am happy with the "white" wizard theme.

Next up, Nathaniel a half elf Magus (wizard / fighter).   Everyone got to pick two primary colors for their miniature, his was black and purple.

Our one female player made a human cleric, Pruvale.   She is a cleric of of the sun & fire goddess, so red was her choice for a main color.

One of the guys is playing a female character, a Tiefling Oracle.   Apparently he could not find a male Tiefling wielding a pole arm on the the figure finder so decided to make a female character.

Last but not least is Ptolemy, a human summoner.    He has proven to be most valuable keeping us alive but summoning monsters each round to tank and absorb damage.

And the group shot.   Everyone has really appreciated getting a personalized miniature painted for their character.    I am happy to get this project off my work bench.

We meet once a month to play.   Last time, we successfully assaulted a bandit king's fort.    The DM really did a good job scratch building the fort out of cardboard for the big battle.

It was pretty cool to play this out.    The roofs were all removable as our party moved inside.

D&D still is a nice addition to all the miniature games I play.   Thanks for viewing!


  1. That fort is awesome! Great painting on each mini. Painted minis make a big difference for RPGs!

  2. Great job on bringing in miniatures to a RPG, it always adds a lot to the feel of the session, and is useful for combat resolution.

    And the cardboard fort is awesome! Lot of work for a single battle though! (maybe now you will have to face off an army wanting to take it back...)

  3. I've found with Pathfinder that some kind of miniatures or virtual tabletop grid are needed to do combat. While I'm not as ambitious as your GM (building a scratch-built fort, wow) I do have a bunch of the pawns that Paizo puts out - they're pretty nice for cardstock minis, and you can get them for the newer adventure paths - so you can represent actual characters and monsters instead of "this glabrezu is a pit fiend" or whatever. Have fun with Kingmaker, it's one of the more sandboxy APs. I'm doing Jade Regent on the Paizo forums as a play by post.