Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thornwood Thursday: Khadorable - Doing It Right

No, that isn't my Conquest :P Muse on Minis made that image. I purchased my Conquest when it came out and it sat primed on my desk since then. I was painting a lot of Legion and Beastmen... and not really Khador.

The model is HUGE. I chose to use some gold paint on him because he's going to be a centerpiece model and gold really helps him stands out. He's also battle damaged because I figure Strakhov and the Old Witch have been using this guy all the time.

I'm going to try him out this Friday with Strakhov and TOW. I've read quite a few threads about who else is really good with him so I'll try them out eventually too. Can't wait to see him explode some Cygnarans :P

The other part of Thornwood Thursday is some incredible news. Privateer Press has re-done the Winter Guard Infantry models in PLASTIC. The original models were some of the first ones they did and they were very... neanderthal. They're also a pain in the booty to transport since they're all pewter. All you need extra is the UA and Kovnik Joe.

But guess what? They took the opportunity to offer the FULL unit and three weapon attachments... for MUCH less than it used to cost! It was a pain for a while getting PP blisters in stock so trying to get the full unit wasn't easy. This is one big box that is plastic and 49.99. Before this would have cost you:

6 model unit box 27.99
2 model blister 8.99
2 model blister 8.99
1 model blister rocketeer 8.99
1 model blister rocketeer 8.99
1 model blister rocketeer 8.99

Total 72.94

Now 49.99! Gee Dubs... take note.

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  1. One day they'll do the same for the Menoth Zealots, those models are not very good either.