Friday, November 30, 2012

Fantasy Friday - My New Dark Elf General

A few of us here at FC40k are signed up for the upcoming GLWL (Great Lakes Warhammer League).  I still have until December 15th to get my core list submitted to the league commissioner.  It looks like the comp restrictions will limit me a bit, but I will manage.   Fortunately we have the minimum number of participants required for a Flint Division.   I have been meaning to get more hobby work done to field a fully painted Dark Elf army, but I still have a ways to go.  My Warhammer Fantasy hobby time has been limited to reading the Black Library novel, Malekith as well as painting up a new general.   There is also a Fantasy tournament tomorrow at Gamer's Sanctuary, but I will not be able to make it this time.

The last time I played WHFB was at Foodhamer.  The first game was 3000 point game versus Tomb Kings.   During this game, my unkillable Dreadlord riding a Black Dragon died in a fight with a bone giant.   Amazingly, I failed three ward saves (40k equivalent = failing three 2+ invulnerable saves) over two rounds of combat.  The Dragon got some revenge and killed the bone giant the next round, but I was stunned by the loss of my Dreadlord.   Obviously, it was time for another to wear the Pendant of Khaeleth.

The next game was the big team Storm of Magic game we played.   Michael's Beastmen was allied with my Dark Elves against the unholy alliance of Rhellion's Chaos Daemons and his wife's High Elves.

We only managed to get through two turns of this massive battle as Michael and I were clearly over matched against Daemon magic shenanigans.

Rhellion did give me a consolation gift, a new Dark Elf Sorcereress model he won at a prior event. This model is the Sorceress on a Cold One mount.   I saw potential in using this model as a new dreadlord (lady). I like the idea of my Dreadlord general riding into battle.   So time for some fluff...

During the chaos of the Storm of Magic, a high elf magician, Aduialeth, freed herself from Daemon control with a miscast spell. She fled the battle with the retreating Dark Elves.   A lifetime of Chaos Daemon possession infused her with skills that made her an ideal commander in the armies of her peoples sworn enemies. The leaderless Dark Elves of the Crimson Hydra Clan reluctantly accepted their new master as she proved herself unkillable in battle...

My new "unkillable" Dread-lady on a Cold One mount, all painted up and ready for conquest and glory in the GLWL. Until next time.


  1. Wow she looks sweet! Can't wait to teabag her with my beastlord then let out a guttural goat noise.

    1. ^^^
      My name is Bill I don't have a google avatar and I am surprised by what beastmen do to enemies

    2. Whatever you say, furry. #owned

  2. Wow looks good painted up! Glad you could use it.

    Andrea has the whole Sundering trilogy in a huge volume. I think Malekith is one of the three? Maybe?

    See you boys at the Season End GLWL Tournament... maybe in the finals!

  3. Nice model, nice backstory, nice use of the Sorceress on Cold One too (I'd never use it as what it says on the tin, but she does make a lovely Dreadlady). I approve of this!