Sunday, October 14, 2012

Next Top Model: Mantis Warriors Thunderhawk Asperitas Volo

I had previously posted about preparing a Thunderhawk for painting. I traded Valace2 for this Thunderhawk and intended on making it the centerpiece model for my Mantis Warriors army. It'll fly along with my Storm Eagle, Storm Talons, and Storm Raven.

I really wanted to go all out on this model. If you see some thunderhawks around the web or in the FW books they are very plain; mostly mono-color with not much in the way of anything that makes them pop out. I always thought that hurt an already dated-looking model (it is very flat). I wanted to make this thing pop and the Mantis Warriors colors plus weathering really helps.

I also thought the lack of actual cockpit glass was SUPER ghetto. I constructed one using some plastic I purchased from the hobby shop and glued it on.

The engines and weapons mostly remained intact from Maelstrom's paintjob. I added some scorch marks on the engines to make them look well-used as the Mantis Warriors do not receive any extra equipment from the Imperium while on their penitent crusade.

I added quite a few water slide decals. Decals add SO MUCH to any model and I encourage all gamers to use them. I still have a few things to fix on the model. The green spray I use doesn't match Warpstone Glow 100% so I actually purchased the Army Painter bottled paint to fix up a few spots.

I love how the huge Mantis Warrior logo decals came out. The Micro Set + Micro Sol method really helped to get them to lay down flat on the non-flat surfaces like the tail aileron. I actually have the Thunderhawk's name printed out to put on too. (Can you imagine using that door up at the top to jump out? I guess Space Marines are tough and all but dang).

Two shots of the belly. I put in some Dragon Forge basing kits so that I can actually put this thing on flight stands. It is still a work in progress as I purchased 12" rods and I think I actually only need 6" rods. (That's what she said?).

She's 95% done. This model will definitely be a centerpiece. Up next: models from Monstrous Arcanum!


  1. Very nicely done! Looks really good - the addition of the various waterslide transfers and the cockpit glass really add a lot to the look.