Monday, October 15, 2012

Campaign Trail 2012: 3000 Points by Swear-In

I've been stumping on the campaign trail to get my comrades up here in Mid-Michigan to get their fantasy armies ready for a mid-winter campaign. Fantasy is still my first love and I constantly daydream about huge armies clashing against each other with epic warlords confronting each other in bloody duels.

I've put together quite a Beastmen collection and need to paint it. I'm going to start the campaign small with border disputes (maybe even pull rules from Warhammer Skirmish!) and hopefully we'll get enough together to have pretty big Storm of Magic games.

I've created a roster for 3,000 points that will be my eventual end point. It is in no way 'uber competitive' but I feel like I could do well with it. Minotaurs make up a huge part of those points and they are pretty bad, but I like them and they're painted.

So I, Muggins, pledge to have this 3,000 point army painted by January 21st, 2013, whereby you can swear me in as President of... Beastmen.

3000 Pts - Beastmen Roster

Beastlord (1#, 233 pts)
   1 Beastlord, 233 pts (General; Primal Fury; Hand Weapon; Shield)
      1 Armour of Destiny
      1 Crown of Command

The standard Beastlord equipment. Give him a decent armor save and a ward save. Give him Crown of Command so he can lead a big stubborn Gor block. (painted)
Great Bray-Shaman (1#, 285 pts)

   1 Great Bray-Shaman, 285 pts (Primal Fury; Level 4 Upgrade; Hand Weapon)
      1 Talisman of Preservation
      1 Ironcurse Icon

The chief shaman of my herd. He'll sling either Shadow or Death magic. Bray shamans are great in combat so he'll use the Jagged Dagger to get more power die. (painted)

Wargor (1#, 206 pts)
   1 Wargor (Battle Standard Bearer), 206 pts (Primal Fury; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield; Battle Standard Bearer)
      1 Gnarled Hide
      1 The Beast Banner

The '206' BSB. He has a 2+ armor save and gives a Gor block Strength 4. Re-rolls for Primal Fury and leadership checks. (painted)

Bray-Shaman (1#, 100 pts)
   1 Bray-Shaman, 100 pts (Primal Fury; Hand Weapon)
      1 Dispel Scroll

Bray-Shaman (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Bray-Shaman, 125 pts (Primal Fury; Hand Weapon)
      1 Shard of the Herdstone

Two level one shamans to hang out near the Herdstone and throw down some Miasma or Wyssan's. (unpainted)

Gor Herd (40#, 353 pts)
   39 Gor Herd, 353 pts (Ambush; Primal Fury; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Extra Attack)
      1 Foe-Render (Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Extra Attack)

The big block that holds the line. These dudes throw out a ton of attacks in horde formation and die in droves. Beastlord and BSB boost them up. (unpainted)

Ungor Herd (40#, 215 pts)
   39 Ungor Herd, 215 pts (Ambush; Primal Fury; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Shield)
      1 Halfhorn (Hand Weapon; Shield)

These dudes are usually a bunker for my level 4 shaman. Last game they had Occam's Mindrazor cast on them and beat down some Cold One Knights. Don't underestimate them! (unpainted)

Tuskgor Chariot (1#, 80 pts)
   1 Tuskgor Chariot, 80 pts (Primal Fury; Chariot; Swiftstride)
      1 Gor Driver (Spear)
      1 Bestigor Warrior (Always Strikes Last; Great Weapon)
      2 Tuskgor

Tuskgor Chariot (1#, 80 pts)
   1 Tuskgor Chariot, 80 pts (Primal Fury; Chariot; Swiftstride)
      1 Gor Driver (Spear)
      1 Bestigor Warrior (Always Strikes Last; Great Weapon)
      2 Tuskgor

These chariots are here really to provide a visual difference to a very mob-centric force and also help me out with some charges. They're not very good but they might help. Plus they're core and I didn't want to paint more ungor. (unpainted)

Ungor Raiders (5#, 30 pts)
   5 Ungor Raiders, 30 pts (Ambush; Primal Fury; Hand Weapon; Short Bow; Skirmishers)

These guys are here to provide a small bunker for my two level one shamans and perhaps annoy someone. (unpainted)

Bestigor Herd (40#, 520 pts)
   39 Bestigor Herd, 520 pts (Always Strikes Last; Primal Fury; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour)
      1 Gouge-Horn (Always Strikes Last; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour)
      1 Banner of Eternal Flame

The heavy hitters. WS4, S6, T4, 5+ armor save. They get in and beat stuff up. Banner of Eternal Flame helps them take down regen creatures. (unpainted)

At least he's wearing a cloth.
Minotaurs (9#, 545 pts)
   8 Minotaurs, 545 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Causes Fear; Stomp)
      1 Bloodkine (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

I know, they suck. But I like the models and I like how I painted them. Plus they do sometimes draw an enemy to them just by the fear alone. (painted)

Centigor (8#, 235 pts)
   7 Centigors, 235 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Spear & Shield; Light Armour; Swiftstride)
      1 Gorehoof (Hand Weapon; Spear & Shield; Light Armour)

I really like these models and the rules for them. They get drunk before the game starts and you get to roll to see what happens. They're also another different group visually compared to the rest of the army. They'll be there to harry the flanks and do something, hopefully. (unpainted). 

Composition Report:
Points of Lords: 508 (0 - 750)
Points of Heroes: 431 (0 - 750)
Points of Core: 758 (750 - Unlimited)
Points of Special: 1300 (0 - 1500)
Points of Rare: 0 (0 - 750)

Total Roster Cost: 2997

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So there you have it. 3,000 points. A huge variety of models. I left out some stuff I already painted (ghorgon, giant) simply because they're really overpointed and I wanted to include the bestigor. All told it'll be 141 models in 97 days including the holidays and NFL football and crunch time at work. I think I can do it, especially with the ungor and gor being easy to paint and easy to dip. Wish me luck!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your fully painted Beastmen. I hope to complete something similar with my Dark Elves over the next few months.

  2. Alas, my High Elf army will languish unpainted and unassembled until I finish my 40k fliers (18) and the new additions to my Necron foces...

    1. Priorities! The fantasy campaign starts in February...

  3. I pledge to have one Lizardman battalion box finished by January to go along with my Ancient Stegaadon, Slaan Mage Priest, and Old Blood on a Carnosaur. I should have the Cold One Cavalry finished tonight. Temple Guard, Saurus Warriors, and Skink Skirmishers up next.

    Other than another battalion box, what would you suggest I pick up next? I was thinking some Teradon Riders and a Salamander or two.

    1. Salamanders are really good. Another battalion box wouldn't hurt... 8th edition is about BIG units. (that's what she said?)

    2. Games Workshop is about BIG holes in your wallet.... :p

    3. That's part of the reason I chose Lizardmen. Two Battalion boxes gives you nearly 2000 points! A few extra Lord or Hero models and you have 3000 points easy and cheap!

    4. You just have to be careful to make sure you have enough models. Lizardmen don't need their BSB nearly as much, so you can save some points there. You will want a Slann at some point because they're just broken as hell

  4. I have one. With that, 2 Battalions, and a Skink Priest on a Stegadon, I have 2750 ish. I still need more Core choices because the Slann are soooo expensive and the Lizardmen book isn't balanced for 8th ed and a percentage based system. Rumor is that they will be getting a new book in 2013...

    1. They and the High Elves are both rumoured to get new books in 2013