Friday, September 14, 2012

Steampunk Saturday: Legion of Everblight Extreme Carnivean, Proteus

Found here:
The Legion of Everblight progress marches on! Tau4Eva was kind enough to pick me up an Extreme Carnivean model at GenCon. When they showed this on the site I HAD to have it. It looks insane... all warped and blighted. Carniveans really aren't my goto beast but I like them well enough to paint this thing.

It was tough to paint. I am a lazy/quick painter and this dude took me a week. There is a lot of exposed muscle under the blue skin. I started with a white primer, then washed everything with Baal Red, then picked out the blue skin and chitin in jackbone. 

The model itself was a huge pain to put together. It is all pewter and the hands are HUGE. My pinning skills are pretty lackluster but I did my best. Some greenstuff helped to hold the joints together.

Compared to a regular ole' Carnivean
I purchased a metal base for it so it would be weighed down a bit... I still had to add fishing weights under the hollow rocks on its base so it won't topple over every second. I really love the model and I enjoyed painting it. Now I just have to figure out how to transport it!

The other model I worked on this week is Proteus. I really only purchased this guy because he is Absylonia's personal warbeast and I really enjoy playing Abby. He looks pretty awesome with the Cthulhu tentacles everywhere. I painted him in the usual style for me - jackbone chitin, frostbite skin followed by a gulliman blue glaze, etc. 

I'm pumped to use this guy not only because of his fluff but because he is a 5 fury warbeast, the first we have. He also has some great shenanigans where he can pull models to him and then attack. He can also force warbeasts in his command area... pretty sweet. The forums didn't really like him that much but I'm excited to try him.

Stay tuned as I finish up my Legion models... legionnaires and the Pot are next!