Sunday, September 16, 2012

95 Termagants in Three Days and Tyranid Shrikes in a Week - Tyranid New Territories Ending!

Happy NFL Sunday all! While I'm sitting here watching pre-game for three hours I decided to document the process I used to get through 95 termagants in three days. Cerberus had been yelling at me about using primed and gray termagants for babies in our games. I was embarrassed and shamed. So I painted all 95 termagants in three days! (I had about 20 painted before that).

They started out here. Human flesh color Army Painter spray on all of them. I finished one can and started another. I let them dry overnight then began base coating them!

Each termagant received paint on his chitin, claws, teeth and tongue, then I had to paint the bases, which probably took longer than the rest of it. I painted green on their bases and black around the edge of the base.

Each termagant received a dip in MinWax walnut color... a more subtle dip than I've used in the past on some Tyranids. After they dried (took about two days) I dullcoted them quite a bit. The dip makes them really shiny and lots of dudes don't like that so I dullcoted the hell out of them.

I added markings with a Sharpie to differentiate squads
I then based them with static grass by Army Painter. Elmers glue mixed with some water and the static grass makes it look good and went fast. They're ready for action!

On Saturday we had our finale for New Territories Campaign. We had six players show up which was nice because we could choose who we wanted to play for fun. In my first game I faced down Dustin and it wasn't close... I felt bad. He had some bad rolls and I rolled really well. Termagants took down a bloodthirster!

My second game was against Scott with his Moon Knight Ultramarine successors. This was a tough one. We rolled up the warzone trait that made you half your leadership for psychic tests! I think a lot of the success I've had recently has been because I could put out a lot of Psychic powers on the field. I passed two psychic powers all game One was for a lance attack on a Land Raider that took out its heavy bolter on a penetrating hit =/.

This game was really tough. Scott brought his Stormtalon in and blew up my Hive Tyrant in turn two, killed my shrikes really fast, and generally got his guys out of the fight when they were about to give up a victory point (we played the victory point mission). I managed to get enough kill points, first blood, warlord kill, and a SNEAKY SNEAKY linebreaker at the end to tie up the game, 9-9. Super tough game! Scott really knows how to play.

I placed second overall in the new territories campaign behind Ork Joe who beat me by a handy margin. I think a lot of people just aren't used to playing against the Xenos at this point.

Last week I did my Shrikes. I've had these dudes put together for a while with Forge World wings, but just never painted them. I really love the model and the idea of shrikes, but they get killed so easily by powerfists, missiles, and bolters =/

I really love the wings that FW produces. These dudes look like they're flyin' around ready to beat face with lash whips and bone swords.


  1. Good lord.... That's an insane output that I could never hope to do myself. Impressive.

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    1. Awesome stuff. And now that I know all your secrets, maybe I can get take a week sometime soon to get 100 more ork boyz painted up and ready for action..

  3. Lookng great! Gotta love the effectiveness of a quick dip!