Tuesday, August 14, 2012

...With a Little Help From My Friends

Ok, so this isn't a Wargames post.

One of the things I really take pride in about our club is our sense of community and our desire to give as much as we can back to those who need it.  Foodhammer is the most obvious example, but there are many subtle ones as well.

My friends from the band Migrant Kids, the group responsible for the music you hear on all my batreps, is putting out their first full length, professionally mastered, and engineered album.  They have launched a Kickstarter to reach out to the world with the hopes of collecting enough money to print and distribute their music at the same high level.  They reached their goal of $2500 fairly easily through mostly family and friends.  However, any additional money will be used for their upcoming tour and promotional materials and merchandise.

If you like what you hear on the batreps and want to hear more from these talented musicians, please contribute.  A $5 pledge gets you a free digital download of the album.  Additional swag comes with higher pledges.  Check them out here for more information. 


Thanks again for watching the videos!  There will be much more coming soon, as soon as I can bring my laptop back from the Warp! 

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