Monday, August 13, 2012

The Legion Marches to Summer Rampage

Somehow I'm still on a "painting my Legion of Everblight" kick. I think everyone gets in a groove sometimes and really wants to paint that army. I have three more infantry units to paint and I'll be set for all the Legion models I have right now give or take a few I don't have plans for for a while.

I have finished painting all of my beasts (including lessers) and they're ready for the Summer Rampage. This weekend+ I managed to paint Typhon, a stinger, and two harriers. It is really important to get the lesser beasts finished because at some point I'll have interest in painting the spawning pot, and they come out of there.

Typhon is an interesting beast. I have used him once so far I believe and he ran up field and sprayed Tau4Eva's caster down. He has three spray attacks or three melee attacks *in melee*. He's pretty crazy, but he also costs 12 points. He has circular vision, so I have to go re-do his base, heh.

He'll be really nice to use with pVayl with incite up - +2 to hit in her command radius so his sprays will hit more often. He is also a good target for Dark Sentinel. At some point I'll have Epic Thagrosh painted and I'll use Typhon with him as well since they have an affinity.

I've covered the stinger before. I have one painted already. He has a nice poison attack (weapon master against living models, basically) and he's pretty fast. He has a ranged attack which is nice on a lesser beast.

Harriers are nice because they're really fast for a lesser warbeast. They'll hopefully do assassination runs on UAs or solos to keep them away from my lines. I've been facing a lot of troll units that have THE MOST ANNOYING UAs in the world so hopefully this dude will help me get by them. His animus is sweet because my caster can cast it on herself and hit automatically with her next melee attack. He can use this on himself to make sure he kills a model.

That is all for now. This week I'll be working on eLylyth (who I've been told is really hardcore), Striders, and Legionnaires. Summer Rampage is right around the corner - get painting!


  1. I put a Harrier in every one of my lists simply for the animus. It is a great model to have, and you're correct about using it's speed and flight to snipe at annoying models. When playing scenarios, it is also a decent model to get over and contest (maybe even control?) a flag/objective/zone.

    1. I love the comment about contesting - it can fly 14 inches when it runs, so that is sweet. How do you use its animus?