Saturday, August 11, 2012

Steampunk Saturday - New Product Highlight: Naga Nightlurker and More Light Legion Beasts

The new release this week for Hordes included the much awaited Naga Nightlurker. I picked mine up at Gamers Sanctuary on Thursday and made it my mission to have him painted quickly. Due to some emergency water damage at work I had the day off so in between baby feeding and screaming I painted him up pretty quickly. I'm used to painting chitin and skin (15,000 points of Tyranids attest to that) so it wasn't too hard! And Legion models mostly don't even have eyes or faces so that makes it go so much faster.

The Naga Nightlurker is a much awaited model for Legion mostly because of its animus. He can cast it on another beast and allow them to ignore spell effects that boost DEF and ARM. Looking at things like Iron Fleshed Winter Guard and many Cryxian shenanigans.

Now we can throw that Carnivean into combat and he can shoot his spray and not have to roll as high or land Ravagore shots on units / casters that have buffed their DEF and ARM. He isn't too bad in ranged combat, either, as he can lock down a model from moving and takes DEF penalties. All around he's a great Legion beast who will definitely be competing for a spot at 35 points and probably make it into every list I write at 50.

The model itself is really easy to put together and looks very menacing. He also looks a lot different from most other Legion beasts, so you'll have something new on the tabletop for sure. It took a little greenstuff to fill some gaps but that is to be expected with pewter minis.

This week I focused on finishing two other Light Legion warbeasts - two Nephilim models. These are Nyss that have 'hulked out' and become one with the dragon. I have used the Nephilim Bolt Thrower with some success so I painted him first.

He's pretty sweet in that critical hits from his weapon will knock someone down. Boost and hope for the best, even if you don't think you need to boost to hit. His weapon's POW isn't something to sneeze at either.

He also knocks back anything he hits so you can clear charge lanes and make way for your bigger beasts. His animus grants flight to the caster or him, so it is nice for getting him past a large beast blocking his LOS.

The other light beast I finished is the Nephilim Soldier. Simply put, this dude looks pissed off and ready to fight. He has a wicked smile and a really sweet looking sword. I love the Legion models with wings, even if they are a pain to put together and transport. He has some awesome 12 pack going on and the Gulliman Blue glaze brought that out really well.

A quick drybrush brought out the runes on his sword pretty well. The sword has reach and a pretty good P + S. He's really in the game if I want a lower cost lesser beast with a high threshold who can protect my caster. 

That is all for this week. Next week we'll be preparing for the Summer Rampage so check out Fresh Coast 40k for ongoing Warmachine / Hordes coverage all 24/7! 

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