Friday, August 10, 2012

Gamers Sanctuary and Fresh Coast 40k Featured in the News

Gamers Sanctuary and Fresh Coast 40k were featured in an article on MLive - Michigan's main source of online news. To say that I am humbled to have been asked to talk about tabletop gaming in our community is an understatement.

What we've tried to do with this blog is get as much coverage for the things that go in in this area as possible.    From the beginning we've used this as an informal club to drive the community to better events, better painting, better hobbying, and better gaming. We believe we can organize the community and really make the Mid-Michigan area the best place to game.

Gamers Sanctuary is the reason we're here. I've been to a ton of game stores around the Midwest and the east coast and I still know that Gamers Sanctuary is the best. It is clean, well-lit, the staff is knowledgeable, and they want your business. Chad is branching out into having a superior website to almost any competitor and the Facebook page is lively and always updated.

This really is just a step in the process of Fresh Coast 40k evolving. I'm super glad to see our name out there and we are committed to continue bringing you great coverage of models, hobby, gaming, podcasts, and events. Thanks for taking the time to read us!


  1. I've been playing 40k off and on since 97 and Gamers Sanctuary really has to be the best game store I've had the pleasure of going to.

  2. I've played 40k in several states acros the country - GS still rocks them all!