Sunday, July 29, 2012

Steampunk Saturday: More Legion Models, Battle Shots, and CONQUEST

The last few weeks have been nice for me to marathon paint some Legion of Everblight models as the baby has been sticking to the upstairs when I get home from work. I brought my paints up and I've been knocking out models pretty quickly.

Seraph has Slipstream which makes your models get upfield quicker. A very cool looking model. Will definitely try him out in my next battle with Absylonia.

Angelius, perhaps one of our best warbeasts. Absylonia can put Forced Evolution on him, then you throw Tenacity from a Shredder and he has 17! defense. Add to that Armor Piercing with reach and he can't be knocked down and you have a model that can hold the line really nicely.

The carnivean, perhaps our signature beast model. I love the way it looks and he has our highest POW melee attack from a heavy warbeast at 18. He can also spray and sprays before he attacks (assault order). He's pretty awesome but very expensive points-wise.

Shepherd solos help you keep your beasts alive and maintain fury levels. THey are SUPER important to use with Ravagore as he wants to boost hit and damage a lot. I tried to pose them a little differently as I don't really like having the same model twice on the board.

I played Tau4Eva in a 50 point match. It was a control the center zone area match and I managed to get one control point. You can see Angelius jamming up my control area. He was damaged and Carnivean took some damage, then Absylonia took 8 damage. I used her feat to heal them all up and then basically whittled down Adam's forces while he couldn't take down Angelius (17 defense!).

In the end he had to contest with his caster and managed to get Angelius to three boxes, but I was able to heal it up with a shepherd and Absylonia and his caster died to Angelius' armor piercing tail.

The new Khador Colossal, Conquest, compared to the Throne of Everblight and Typhon. It is MASSIVE. Pick yours up at Gamers Sanctuary!


  1. Great post, and awesome job with the legion. Like the way they look quite a bit.

  2. Fury seems to be at an advantage over Focus in higher point games. I guess the balance is that I need to bring more focus independent units (infantry). Overall, my army seems to struggle more against Hordes than WM. I am basing that on my success in the escalation league which was WM heavy.

    1. I'd say at 50 points it is pretty balanced - you also had a battle engine at 10 points that didn't really seem to do anything.

  3. Fury has the advantage in the beginning of the game, but Focus is more useful with attrition. Warmachine infantry and solos are generally much better to compensate for jacks not being as good as beasts for the most part. There's nothing close to WG deathstars, Gun Mages, etc. in Hordes. Stuff like Eiryss or Gorman? Fuhgeddaboutit.