Monday, July 30, 2012

Musings on a losing streak.

I have never considered myself a power gamer, but I don't think I am an easy win either.

I tend to end up in the middle of the pack in tournaments and usually near the top in campaigns, but lately I have been absolutely terrible!  Take my recent record; a staggering 0 and 8 in games I have shot video for, but 4 and 1 in all others since I started the video project.  Is it just a side effect of me concentrating on shooting good footage and not the game?  I refuse to blame my codex and it's obvious age; I've never had issues with it in the past.

I am still trying to figure 6th ed out.  Nuances spring up on me every day. Wraithlords being Characters is my latest revelation.  No more being punked by the sergeant with a fist!  Just challenge him and squish!  Wraithswords will now be standard in my Spirit Host lists to make sure I get those Str 10 hits in close combat.

For now I'll keep plugging away at the batreps.  Loosing has never bothered me before, why should it start now!  Fortune is fickle, especially in the grimdark future.  The Eldar will again ascend to a position of dominance in the galaxy.  Until then, enjoy the fruits of my labors.  We managed to get in a two-for-one on my birthday.  Tune in for some special guests and some absolutely ridiculous moments that still have me shaking my head.  Flying Hive Tyrants!  Enough said.


  1. Maybe, you could post us some of your lists you're taking? At least in the forums.

  2. I wouldn't worry about it. I lose more games than I win. Lately I've just gotten lucky.

    You also played a scenario that was basically a refight of your army getting ambushed and slaughtered, lol. It was like refighting Custer's last stand.

  3. I have no idea what you're talking about. I crush my opponents by building super points-efficient redundant lists and having a mastery of the game that is unmatched. In fact, WAAC is not just an acronym, it's a way of life. WINNING.

    Seriously though, I would like to win a game once in a while, but I'm not going to throw out my principles of 1)play what you think is cool and 2)play lists that you don't think are boring. What can I say, I'm a filthy casual. I've been tempted to run plague/oblit/lash spam lists, but I never have. I MAY come up with a few 'competitive' builds and try out some tournaments when the new Chaos stuff drops. We'll see.

  4. Don't get mad, play Eldrad! At least you didn't get beaten by Brian using his 3rd edition Necrons on your birthday like me.

    Seriously though, we are all still getting used to sixth edition. I have a better win pct with my Tau than my Blood Angels so far.

    Your batreps are awesome. If you want someone else to run the camera so you can concentrate on the game, let me know.

  5. Also great video work broton torpedo. This is really becoming one of our premier features!

  6. Excellent Batreps and happy birthday dude! Micheal's garage has some good looking terrain!

  7. It was a lot of fun playing on your birthday. At the time I did not realize I was continuing a FC40k tradition! One deployment error for the Eldar at the start of turn 1 made all the difference in the game! Trying to keep track of every move in the game and planning your video batrep at the same time can completely consume you!!

    It was a fun challenge using the Space Marines army roster you put together. It challenged me to use units in new ways and deploy them in a completely different fashion. Example: Using the Rhino as a mobile cover save instead of a transport made it a low priority target - it lasted the whole game. Using the spare drop pod to block LOS to your Space Marine killing guns in the building saved my Terminators from last round shooting. Fun note: Grenades were very effective in Close Combat against your walker.

    In the future I think 2 Storm Talons with Lascannons are required for any Vanilla Space Marine build. The Lascannons can take down other flyers and ground pesky MC's! Against Nids - be aware of the MC's glide range... ;)

    1. The Stormtalon really isn't meant to go head to head with most flyers - it is meant to pin infantry on the ground. Typhoon ML are really good at that.

      Besides, 1 twin linked lascannon vs 2 ML shots are a wash really against an MC. Still only taking one grounded test, still wounding on 2s with no armor save and only a jink save.

    2. Its simply the 16% increase in killing power (Glance vs. Pen)that makes the TLLC a better choice vs just about everything.

    3. Except that you really only need to hit 11s and 12s, so missiles aren't bad, and you have the possibility of glancing twice instead of just once (hull points are important!).

      plus, like I said, you need to hit ground targets, where a lascannon will kill - at most - 1 guy. This extra efficiency is something needed in 6th edition.

  8. Missile launchers look cooler. QED, scrubs.