Monday, July 9, 2012

Product Highlight - Artificer-General Sebastian Nemo

As part of our new sponsorship by Gamers Sanctuary, you'll occasionally see us feature sweet new products available for purchase there. Today's post is about Warmachine, but have no fear as we will definitely be featuring 40k and other products as well!

In this inaugural product highlight post, I feature the awesome new Warmachine caster, Artificer-General Sebastian Nemo (aka Nemo3 or Threemo).

For those not familiar with Warmachine and/or Cygnar, Nemo is the crochety old man of that faction. Were it not for the whole 'state of constant warfare' going on he would just be some Doc Brown type puttering away at crazy inventions in a lab somewhere. Instead, his genius with sorcery and lightning is put to good effect, and he is responsible for many of the technological and sorcerous innovations that have kept the country of Cygnar dominant in the area of wartime technology.

Super intimidating when I started out, but he really wasn't too bad to paint at all! Pretty happy with how his face came out. I paint my Cygnar beat up as if on campaign, so worn metal armor is the name of the game, though hard to see the effect on infantry sized models (especially with as little armor as Nemo has).

Every incarnation of Nemo has been a spell-slinging caster, favoring the backfield and letting his jacks do the work. He has the worst defense and armor in the game, so he certainly needs to stay back and protect himself. Nemo3 is no exception. Luckily he is no slouch at casting spells with his 7 Focus and awesome gun (more on that later).

In many ways, Nemo3 represents the combination of all the best parts of Nemo 1 and 2. His spell list includes multiple buffs for jacks, the best infantry-clearing spell in the game, and a utilitarian damage spell that causes slams. What really makes Nemo3 great is the combo of his feat and a new special rule. First, his feat adds an additional die to all damage rolls caused by electrical attacks. He also has a special rule that causes all electro-leaps (a common effect on electrical attacks) to not leap onto friendly models in his control area. That effect is SUPER amazing, as it means electro leaps are not wasted bouncing back on your own stuff, killing/damaging them, or bouncing uselessly if they are electro immune. (Also note that the feat says 'an additional die', not boosted, so damage rolls can still be boosted if possible, for 4d6 damage on feat turn!
Main colors used are GW Enchanted Blue and Astronomican Grey with highlights involving GW Ice Blue and White Scar. P3 Meridius Blue blended through Arcane Blue up to Menoth White Highlight for the glowy arcane stuff.

Did I mention Nemo has a gun that has a range equal to his control area? Oh and it electro-leaps too. Keep in mind he can spend focus in the Control Phase to extend his control area. Focus is usually better spent elsewhere, but in the right circumstances that ability can be clutch.

But wait, there's more! Nemo3 comes with an assistant, Storm Chaser Adept Caitlin Finch. Finch is a solo who comes as an attachment to Nemo (so no Squire, who's an auto-include with most casters). Finch provides great utility though. First, she upkeeps one spell for free, saving Nemo 1 focus every turn. Next, if a jack is near Finch, and Nemo allocates Focus to it, Finch adds 1 additional focus. These combine to make Nemo3 crazy efficient with Focus. Finch also has a gun and melee weapon, but generally should not see combat.

All in all, Nemo3 looks like a super fun caster who has successfully pulled me back into my neglected Cygnar. Can't wait to to try him out! (Definitely need to get a Stormwall to pair with him, mmmm, colossal goodness.)

The leather padding there on the cloaks? Yeah I totally went back and redid all those crosshatched lines with Chaos Black when the wash didn't cut it. Ughh, but totally worth it.
Painting these two went quicker than expected. I'm happy the faces came out ok, as I rarely have to paint normal human flesh. Blue and white are horrible to photograph, so highlights look a little wonky, especially the white robes and pants. Oh well, I'm still pretty happy with these two.

Thanks for checking out this article. Hope you enjoyed it! Painted your own Nemo3 and Finch, or have thoughts about this cool new caster? Let's hear 'em in the comments!

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