Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mantis Warrior Forge World Tartaros Terminators

Our little Space Marine has kept us very busy but I've been able to devote a little time each night to finishing these Tartaros Pattern Terminators from Forge World. I bought 10 so I could have 10 tactical terminators, 10 lightning claw terminators, and 10 storm shield / thunder hammer terminators.

I gave them the standard loadout with a heavy flamer and chainfists because they look so damn cool. I love the dynamic poses of these models - they actually look like they're shooting at something or getting ready to fist a vehicle. I've heard a lot of hate on these particular terminators and I'm not sure why. They look great and they'll stand out as something different for sure.

For the bases I chose to go with a 'Bros on the Bayou' theme. I've done jungle bases for all the Mantis Warriors I've painted so far but these guys are in an actual swamp. I used the Secret Weapon Miniatures  blasted wetlands bases and their Instant Scenery Kit for Wetlands to make it look really swampy.

For their fists and swords I used the same method I used on my lightning claws of layering dark blue, blue, light blue, then dry brushing white, then washing with Guilliman Blue. I think they turned out fantastic. I gave them gold helmets because I wanted them to definitely stand out. I'll have to think of some battle honor they received. Perhaps Reth.

Each guy got some damage painted on because they've been through a lot. These guys are gonna take even more fire in 6th edition now that AP values have changed; torrent after torrent will be sent downrange at them. Hopefully they'll return fire in a good way and take some stuff out.

Anyway, on to the photos! 


  1. Those turned out looking great!

  2. Bringing the Deathstar pain!

    As the new Badab war Carcharodon player, I'll have to bring something to neutralize the Mantis Warrior Terminators... ;)

  3. God damn I love those models. I really want some for my Astral Claws, but more likely I'll be taking the new box set terminators and replacing the shoulder pads (assuming there are termies in the new box)