Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Battle Reports - Battlebunker 1,850 Adepticon Primer - Part 2

Battle Reports: Game 3 of the Battlebunker 1,850 point Adepticon Primer

19 players from all over the state were on-hand to throw-down. The forces arrayed against me:

4x Grey Knights
3x Blood Angels
3x Tyranids
2x Dark Eldar
2x Necrons (plus my Necrons)
1x Chaos Marines
1x Chaos Daemons
1x Ork
1x Eldar

Most of the armies were painted to table top standard, a few were painted exceptionally well.

The 1,850 point Necron force I brought to the table:

HQ: Imotekh the Stormlord
HQ: Orikan the Diviner
HQ Royal Court: Harbinger of Despair, Abysssal Staff, Veil of Darkness
Elite: C’tan Shard, Writhing Worldscape, Pyreshards
Troops: 9x Warriors (plus Orikan)
- Dedicated Transport: Ghost Ark
Troops: 10x Warriors (plus Imotekh)
Troops: 10x Warriors (plus Harbinger of Despair)
Troops: 5x Warriors
Fast Attack: 9x Scarabs
Fast Attack: 9x Scarabs
Fast Attack: 9x Scarabs
Heavy Support: Monolith

Thoughts behind my Necron army build:
- Imotekh steals initiative on a 4+. Automatic Night Fight = enemy Alpha-strike negated.
- Orikan combined with C’tan Writhing Worldscape caused the enemy to be stationary on turn 1 or lose 33% of their forces. This allows for multiple Scarab assaults = 135 attacks on the turn 2 charge.
- The Ghost Ark (AV13), Teleport Cryptek (Deep Strike) and Monolith (AV14) are 3 diverse options to quickly move around the table and shift the battle to the opponents’ weak side.
-The open-topped Ghost Ark skimmer allows 2 Guass broadsides every turn. The Ghost Ark drops off Troops to hold an objective then flies half-way across the board to contest an objective by itself.
- The Monolith moving alone towards an objective will be avoided or ignored. The Monolith can contest and drop its S8 AP3 large template on anyone camping – pulling troops through the door on the last turn to take an objective by surprise.
- The Teleport Cryptek Deep Strikes a unit around for rear armor shots with 20 Gauss Flayers + Template, then Deep Strikes to grab an objective on the final turn(s).
- The tiny 5 man Warrior squad goes into reserve and walks on to grab an objective on my side of the table.

Game 3: Adepticon Mission 4 – At Dawn with Victorious Weapons
Dawn of War, Night Fight, 6 Tactical Markers, Very Limited Deployment (1 HQ + 2 Troops)

- Kill Points
- Defend the Flag (control your half of the tables objectives)
- Take and Hold (control your opponents half of the tables objectives)

Opponent: Eldar
HQ: Eldar Autarch with Power Weapon
Elite: min Fire Dragons
- Falcon Transport with Twin-Linked Shuriken Cannon Turret (TLSC)
Elite: min Fire Dragons
- Falcon Transport with TLSC Turret
Elite: min Fire Dragons
- Falcon Transport with TLSC Turret
Troops: min Dire Avengers
- Falcon Transport with TLSC Turret
Troops: min Dire Avengers
- Falcon Transport with TLSC Turret
Troops: min Dire Avengers
- Falcon Transport with TLSC Turret
Troops: min Dire Avengers
- Falcon Transport with TLSC Turret
Troops: 5x Jetbikes, 2 with Shuriken Cannons
Heavy Support: Wraithlord
Heavy Support: Wraithlord
Heavy Support: Wraithlord
Pre-game photo

Objectives: 3 were placed on the left side of the table, 3 on the right.

I won the initiative and passed 1st turn to the Eldar opponent. With limited deployment (1 HQ + 2 Troops) it was going to be hard to get the Scarabs into his vehicles. My squishy troops would not stand up to multiple barrages of Strength 6 Shuriken Cannon fire.
With Writhing Worldscape and Orikan clamping down on first turn movement, my opponent chose to reserve his entire army.

I placed 1 unit of troops with Imotekh and the min unit of Warriors in cover on the table - Everything else went into Reserves.

Turn 1 Eldar: Nightfight - 1 Dire Avenger transport and 1 Fire Dragon transport came on to the table on my right. 1 Wraithwalker and the unit of Jetbikes came onto the table on my left.

Turn 1 Necrons: I rolled and moved on 1 unit of Scarabs on my right, the Ghost Ark with Orikan on my left and the Cryptek with his unit in the center behind cover.

Turn 2 Eldar: Nightfight - 1 Dire Avenger transport, 2 Fire Dragon transports came onto my left side of the table. 1 Wraithwalker came onto my right side of the table. His first 2 transports moved onto my side of the table and wiped-out the unit of scarabs on my right. He breathed a sigh of relief and said out loud the Scarabs were not as scary as he thought (he later retracted the comment)…

Turn 2 Necrons: I brought on 1 unit of Scarabs on my right, and 1 unit on my left and the Monolith in the center. The C’tan was still stuck in reserve. Lightning strikes from Imotekh wrecked one Eldar transport on my right 4” from his rear objective. I fired a broadsided from the Ghost ark into the Jetbikes and reduced them to 2 models. The Scarabs on my right launched a multi-assault on 2 of his transports and wrecked them both. Both vehicles lost 2 passengers in the explosion. The Scarabs lost 1 model. At this point I forgot to “Fleet” my left unit of Scarabs forward, so they were still sitting just 6” from my back line.

Turn 3 Eldar: Nightfight - His remaining transports and walker came onto the table. The table was balanced with 4 transports (3 wrecked) and 1 walker on my right, 3 transports, 2 walkers and 5 Jetbikes (3 dead) on my left. He moved up the remaining Jetbikes and 1 transport to fire into my min Warrior squad who were in cover. I had to go to ground in cover to save them, but only lost 2 models to a ton of Shuriken Cannon wounds. He fired his min squads into scarabs on my right and eliminated 1 base. His walkers moved up to contest 1 objective on the left, his transport with scoring troops moved to camp on two objectives on my left (too close to the waiting scarabs on my left).

Turn 3 Necrons: My C’tan finally made it onto the table and ran behind cover towards his lone Wrathwalker on my right. The Scarabs on my right ran past his troops and destroyed the remaining transport on my right. The Monolith moved forward and immobilized itself on some basic terrain (drat!!), then fired Guass Flayer arrays and the Particle Whip large template into the exposed Fire warriors – wiping them out. Imotekh’s squad fired into the exposed Dire Avengers on the right and wiped them out. A broadside from the Ghost Ark dropped the remaining Jetbikes. The Scarabs on my left charged forward to multi-assault and wreck 2 of the 3 remaining transports on my left.

Turn 4 Eldar: Nightfight – He tried to move his troops out of the dangerous terrain from the transport wreckage and lost over half his models to Writhing Worldscape! Ineffective shooting followed.

Turn 4 Necrons: Nightfight – The C’tan ran towards the Wraithwalker on the right. The Scarabs on the right assaulted and killed most of the Eldar on the right. The Ghost Ark shot-up the exposed troops on the left and the Scarabs assaulted the exposed Fire warriors and Dire Avengers, destroying all but a few. Imotekh’s Necron squad conga-lined to hold 2 objectives on the right. My min squad of Warriors was pulled through the Monolith portal to capture an objective. The Cryptek squad Teleported behind enemy lines on the left to destroy a unit Dire Avengers.

Turn 5 Eldar: Nightfight ends - Just 2 troop models remained to hold 1 objective, the rest were destroyed in close combat with Scarabs. The Wraithwalkers on the left stumbled around with no-one to assault and fired ineffectively at my Necron troops. His remaining transport dropped
off his Eldar Autarch with a Power Weapon and the last fire warriors. They launched an assault on the Cryptek squad wiping them out (I hate Initiative 2) and their transport raced 24” to contest one of my 3 objectives.

Turn 5 Necrons: The Ghost Ark dropped off Orikan’s squad and jetted over to contest the Eldar’s only objective. The squad fired into the min Fire Warriors and Autarch and ground them down. The scarabs finished off all Eldar models in CC with them. Imotekh’s squad fired on the fast moving (24”) transport contesting an objective in it’s conga-line, just 3 hits and 3 cover saves allowed it to live. The C’tan charged in and assaulted the transport with 5 attacks, needing 6’s to hit – he missed.

Game over – Dice down.

Necrons: 14 Kill Points + Defend the Flag + Take and Hold
Eldar: 2 Kill points + Failed Defend the flag + Failed Take and Hold

Necrons: Max points
Eldar: Min Points

The Eldar Player tied for second place in the tournament!

My Necron forces took 1st place in the tournament and won 1st place in painting (?!)

I won the painting award because I was the only player with a display board! The awesome Tyranids army and the fantastic Chaos Marine army were both painted well above mine, but were presented on plastic cafeteria trays.


  1. First out of 19?! Awesome; congrats.

  2. The final game against the Eldar was particularly nasty, as he had 75+ Strength 6 shots every turn!