Monday, April 2, 2012

Battle Report - Battlebunker 1,850 Adepticon Primer - Part 1

Battle Reports: Game 1 and 2 of the Battlebunker 1,850 point Adepticon Primer

19 players from all over the state were on-hand to throw-down. The 18 Codex Armies arrayed against me:

4x Grey Knights
3x Blood Angels
3x Tyranids
2x Dark Eldar
2x Necrons
1x Chaos Marines
1 x Chaos Daemons
1x Orks
1x Eldar

Most of the armies were painted to table top standard, a few were painted exceptionally well.

The 1,850 point Necron force I brought to the table:

HQ: Imotekh the Stormlord
HQ: Orikan the Diviner
Elite: C’tan Shard, Writhing Worldscape, Pyreshards
HQ Royal Court: Harbinger of Despair, Veil of Darkness, Abyssal Staff
Troops: 9x Warriors (plus Orikan)
--Dedicated Transport: Ghost Ark
Troops: 10x Warriors (plus Imotekh)
Troops: 10x Warriors (plus Harbinger of Despair)
Troops: 5x Warriors
Fast Attack: 9x Scarabs
Fast Attack: 9x Scarabs
Fast Attack: 9x Scarabs
Heavy Support: Monolith

Thoughts behind my Necron army build:

Imotekh steals initiative on a 4+. Automatic Night Fight = enemy Alpha-strike negated. Orikan combined with C’tan Writhing Worldscape caused the enemy to be stationary on turn 1 or lose 33% of their forces. This allows for multiple Scarab assaults = 135 attacks on the turn 2 charge. The Ghost Ark (AV13), Teleport Cryptek (Deep Strike) and Monolith (AV14) gave me 3 diverse options to quickly move around the table and shift the battle to the opponents’ weak side.

The open-topped Ghost Ark skimmer allowed me to move it into place to broadside 2 targets every turn. The Monolith moved alone towards an objective to contest and drop its S8 AP3 large template on anyone camping – pulling troops through the door on the last turn to take an objective by surprise. The Teleport Cryptek bounces his unit around for rear armor shots with 20 Gauss Flayers + Template, then teleports away to hold an objective on the final turn.

The Ghost Ark drops off Troops to hold an objective, then flies half-way across the board to contest an objective by itself. The tiny 5 man Warrior squad goes into reserve and walks on to grab an objective on my side.

Game 1: Adepticon Mission 1 - Cleansing Flame
19 players – I draw the bye. Scoring just 2 points.

Game 2: Adepticon Mission 3 – Of Iron and Blood
Opponent: Grey Knight, balanced force
1x GK Terminator Librarian
10x GK Terminators with mixed weapons for wound allocation shenanigans
2x TLLC Razorbacks + min Elite units
1x Rhino + min scoring Troops
2x Min Psycannon Troop units + OP Leaders
2x Psyfleman Dreadnoughts

GK wins initiative. I select one of his Psyfleman Dreadnoughts as “Marked for Termination”. He set up his Terminators on my far right stretched out for a last turn grab of 2 objectives. Outflanks his 2x TLLC Razorbacks and set up the rest of his troops in and around cover on my far left, with the “Marked for Termination” Dreadnought wa-a-ay in the back.

He “Marked for Death” one unit of my scarabs, so I placed them in the second row for clean-up duty. I set up Imotekh and his troops on my left side near the objective in cover, the Teleport Cryptek and his troops on the right side in deep cover, the Ghost Ark and Orikan in the middle Left, the Monolith in Open terrain on the middle right and all of the Scarabs on my left in two waves. The 5 man warrior squad was placed behind cover.

Turn 1 Necrons: Night Fight - I roll a 4 and steal the initiative. The scarab swarms move/Fleet behind cover towards the opponents massed troops on my left. The Monolith Moves forward and drops the large template on 3 Terminators and kills 1. The Ghost Ark moved up for next turn firing.

Turn 1 GK: Night Fight – He moves his Rhino up 6” and turns sideways to block firing/charging lanes to his troops, fires everything at the Scarabs, with Night Fight he kills just 1 base. The Psyfleman Dreadnoughts fire ineffectively at the Monolith. The Terminators stand their ground on his objective.

Turn 2 Necrons: Night Fight – The scarabs run around his Rhino multi-assaulting the 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 scoring Troop units and the Rhino. My “Marked for Death” Scarabs move behind cover just 8” away from the assaults. The Ghost Ark moves up and fires into the troops, eliminating 2. The Cryptek and his unit teleport near his objective and fire into the opponents scoring troops, eliminating 2 more. The Rhino is assaulted and destroyed, its contents pinned. Each Dreadnoughts armor is reduced by 4 (now rear Armor 6), they are both stunned and shaken. Close combat with the troops/scarabs causes losses on both sides. The Monolith moves towards the middle objective with the C’tan Shard in tow – ready to assault any terminators who decide to move on the Monolith.

Turn 2 GK: Night Fight – The opponent rolls and brings in 1 TLLC Razorback in near my teleporting Necrons next to his Objective. He fires the TLLC, missing the Ghost Ark due to Night Fight. He moved his remaining troops to assault the scarabs. The Terminator Librarian tosses a 24” nasty template at the Monolith and falls 1” short due to Night Fight. The Psyfleman Dreadnoughts are destroyed (scoring “Marked for Death”) by the Scarabs, the GK Troops are reduced by another man each and the Scarabs take more losses.

Turn 3 Necrons: Night Fight – Move the final group of Scarabs (“Marked for Death”) to join the assaults. Moved Imotekh’s squad into scoring position, moved Ghost Ark into scoring position, pulled the min warrior squad through the Monolith to grab an objective and moved my Cryptek’s Squad to solidify Scoring Position. Move the Monolith to the right within 3” of the right-side objective. Fired the Ghost Ark broadside and glanced the TLLC Razorback to death (Remove weapon, Immobilize x2). Fired the Cryptek group +template point-blank into the now exposed Razorback troops, killing the squad. Dropped the Monolith Template on the Terminators. Destroyed 2 of 3 scoring GK troop units in Close Combat with Scarabs.

Turn 4 GK: Night Fight – The 2nd GK TLLC Razorback outflanks on the far right to contest the objective with the Monolith and C’tan Shard. GK Librarian fires and misses the Monolith due to night fight. Final squad of scoring GK troops eliminated by Scarabs. Terminators camp on an objective.

Game over due to time limit.
Necrons: Seize Ground 3 Objectives + Marked for Death Dreadnought + 8 Kill points
GK: Seize Ground 0 Objectives (no troops left), failed Marked for Death, 1 Kill point (1 unit of Scarabs)

Necrons: Max points
GK: Min Points

Stay tuned for the write-up of Game 3 and the final results…


  1. Frightening tactics, as usual. Looking forward to the game 3 report!

  2. Rounds were scored using Adepticon rules and paired using Strength of Schedule for rounds 2 and 3. The GK commander went on to place 4th overall.

  3. As a tyranid player I would love to have night fight every game, lol.