Saturday, March 17, 2012

Contemptor Month: Mantis Warriors Build

When making a Forge World purchase, you have to consider all the options because you don't want to wait another month to get the pieces you forgot that you needed. This is especially true with contemptor dreadnoughts - they have a multitude of weapon options, including a missile launcher attached to the top!

I decided with this - my second contemptor - I would magnetize the arms so I could replace them whenever I wanted to try something new. I also decided that this would mostly be a shooty dreadnought, so I gave him a missile launcher on top that is glued down. I think it looks really awesome, and I'm super glad I bought it because it comes with a different head option for the contemptor!

Profile shot. You can see how the missile launcher sits on top. Guns akimbo, Call of Duty style
When I magnetized him I used some pretty strong magnets. I am probably the most impatient nerd you've ever met and if magnets start bouncing around and falling off it makes me really upset. I tried the sheet metal inset method that Tau4Eva engineered but it wouldn't work - the gun kept sliding around. I figure once the thing is painted you'd never know those are magnets in the joints. They're the perfect size to be extensions of the arms.

As you can see I chose to purchase the multi-melta. I thought it looked so much different from the normal one that it warranted a purchase. I also picked up a regular fist with a plasma blaster inset. This is another 'variant' weapon that I think looks pretty sweet.

The main weapon that this thing will be using I think is the Heavy Conversion Beamer. The possibility of having a strength 10 AP 1 shot with a 5" blast is too cool to pass up. Plus the weapon looks awesome and so much different from anything else we're used to using.

Combined with the cyclone missile launchers this dude will be able to put out a TON of AT fire. I didn't pick up the Kheres assault cannons this time but at some point soon I will. They look so cool.

I love the relic contemptor body. The original one I bought was regular contemptor. This one has all the flair of the revered brother's dreadnought. The one thing that really set it apart is the eagle portion underneath his helmet.

I liked how the cyclone missile launcher piece came with the extra helmet. I will be sure to paint the rangefinder with a different color so it stands out. I love how the contemptor models have actual helmets - it makes it look like there is really a space marine in there.

The last thing I did was choose a scenic base for this model. At the price and the points you have to make this dude stand out (more than his different look will provide). Scenic bases are always a great way to showcase a centerpiece.

I chose a jungle ruins base. My mantis warriors are based in the jungle as they're more of a guerrilla force. I'll add some flock and standing grass with some long weeds to make it look like he's crashing through.

Stay tuned this week for paint hitting the models!


  1. Hey just came across your blog and I'm loving the Mantis Warriors! Would you be interested in joining the Badab Veterans? (link to page: There are 74 members so far and I think you would make a great addition. If interested let me know.


  2. Love the detail but not sold on overall style. The contemptor reminds me of warmachine.

  3. I think a lot of us thought that before we actually saw the model up close. Wait until you see Adam's blood-fister.

  4. Agreed- I too had no love for the contemptor until seeing it in person.