Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brother Jeremiah Presents Blood Angel Honor Guard

Editor's Note: This was written by Brother Jeremiah and sent to me to post. As always we keep you in mind, Jeremy.

Greetings readers from half-way around the world.

It has been a long time since I've wrote an article for Fresh Coast 40k. There is good reason for this as I find myself deployed to Afghanistan. I don't find a lot of free time here from my duties but when I do I try to paint my 40k Models.

It has taken quite a few months but I finished my Blood Angels Honor Squad. When I conceived the idea for my Honor Squad, it was out of fun. I cannot imagine using these guys in a competitive list, but they sure look fun to play with. I hope you agree with me.

My Honor Squad is equipped with:

Jump Packs
Sanguinary Novice – Bolt Pistol, Chain-sword
3x Lightning Claws, Storm Shield
Powerfist, Storm Shield

My plan to use them is two fold - one: as a blunt object whose moment of impact will be a fierce melee smack down and secondly as a shield to absorb some damage my really expensive HQ's. My all Sanguinary Guard army run by Dante will be a perfect place to deploy the honor squad. I was fortunate to run them a few times, albeit in the put together and primed only fashion. 

All the lightning claws came from Space Wolf Terminator bits I found at a local store. My Dremel tool made quick work of fitting the arms to a standard space marine body and removing any Space Wolf decor. The squad is built off of the Blood Angels Death Company box, which in my opinion hands down is one of the best box's of models you can buy. The weapons and bits in the box are outstanding and the detail in the models are exquisite. The storm shields are also Space Wolf in origin. My Dremel tool cleaned off that goofy dog on the front and some extra Blood angel bits I had around made what I think is a pretty cool looking storm shield.

I primed all the models a flat black, then airbrushed a layer of burnished gold. Each model then received a treatment of Devlon Mud wash. All the gems, which I realize you probably cannot see from my shoddy cell phone camera are 5 layers. Black, Red Gore, Blood Red, Fiery Orange and white. Highlighting for the models was done with Mithril Silver. The lightning claws are also painted with three layers of blue and highlighted white. 

Overall I am really proud of these models and think they will look good escorting Dante and his Nipple-wing on the battlefield. Can't wait to get home and play all of you.


  1. I wish the photo's for these would have come out a lot better. They really don't do the models justice. As you guys know my painting is of always a really high standard. They models look a lot better in person then they do in these photos. With that being said, all I have is a shoddy cell phone and a afghan cell network that is so 2001.

  2. They look fantastic! Great job with a tough gold base!

    Let the gang know if there are any modeling supplies you need. We're here to help!

  3. Glad to hear from you man. I am doing my best to keep the Blood Angel torch going in your absence.

  4. I'm sure you're doing great on the BA torch. Brian says his only loss was to you. :)

  5. Those are awesome; I look forward to seeing them annihilate my daemons in person upon your return to the states. Great work!

  6. Our last Necron v BA battle ended up in a tie. I believe all of the BA armor except 1Razorback was destroyed by the end of turn 2. Scarabs make funny little piles of dust out of red vehicles. :)

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