Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vulkan and FW Boarding Marine painted

So I finally finished these models that have been languishing around for some time. It's been quite some time since I painted any marines, and it shows I think. But it was a good way to start reteaching myself how to paint these guys.

Up first is the GW Vulkan model:

I've never been a fan of this model, but I felt obligated to paint it, I guess. The model is just way too busy, the pose is awkward, and don't get me started on that helmet! The highlighting on the drakescale cloak is completely lost with my poor lighting, unfortunately.

Next is my Forgeworld Games Day exclusive boarding marine:

I was super stoked to be able to get this model. Muggins was able to snag it for me at the last Games Day. I felt bad having it just sitting around, and he may or may not have regularly harassed me about painting it. The thought of meticulously highlighting all the crazy detail on this guy just did not appeal, so I went with a beat up armor look. It fits with the style of model and the age of the armor I guess.

I think my next marine model will be one of the two dreadnoughts I have sitting around basecoated- perhaps I'll even batch paint both at the same time. They'll be the additional practice I need before I paint the FW Venerable.

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