Friday, December 2, 2011

Fantasy Friday - Like a boss

Saturday I'll be playing in a 2500 point Fantasy tournament at Gamers Sanctuary. I'm planning on bringing my entirely unpainted Empire force for some ridiculous 8th Edition fun.

In preparation for the tournament I've been putting together some halberdiers and my new general model on a pegasus. I have been going through the book again and I think putting your general on a mount in Fantasy is just extremely iconic. You have lines of troops and war machines and then you have your general out there, inspiring your dudes to do more. To be more.

My wife's first comment: You're not going to name another character Abraham Liberty, are you?

This is until he is hit by a cannon or a killer spell, of course. I've been doing some thinking and putting him on a pegasus with a runefang is probably a terrible idea as he'll be able to be picked out by war machines, shooting, and spells. Oh well. General Abraham Libertio gives no damns about cannons being shot as his face.

You can't see it in my terrible cellphone shots, but this dude has a sweet blanket roll on the back of his mount. I'm going to model this army like they're on campaign; I think a lot of the times with our GW armies they look like they just rolled out of the barracks. These dudes are hard-marching humans with a penchant for slaying Chaos abominations and skaven.

My wife's second comment: I can't even see his head under that huge hat!

I think CW reenacting has definitely put me in this mindset. CW soldiers mostly had to carry all their possessions on their back. Blankets were rolled up; food stored in a haversack. Stonewall Jackson was able to march his men 27 miles in one day, a feat that had not been done back then. Today that seems paltry. My army will be from Nuln and they'll be representing an Empire army lead by Abraham Libertio, a force-marching fanatic.

Hope to see tons of people at the tournament this weekend!


  1. Why they gotta be slaying Skaven?!

  2. Lol, my brother plays Skaven so they gots a hatred for 'em.

    Remember Shadow of the Horned Rat? Spent so much time playing that game

  3. Model looks great! You almost inspired me to run my Dreadlord on his dragon mount. But my Dark Elves are already hatred :o)