Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sweet mish, bro

Salabro Todd is famous for fist-bumping Eldar to death.
Last night was the third night of the Eden Campaign at Gamers Sanctuary. Scott wrote a pretty cool mission that was pretty different from most other missions we've played. It started out as a free for all and then on turn 3 you had to ally with a player (randomly). This put in a great element of strategy - beat up one player and hope he isn't your ally, or focus on all players?

Here is the mission text:

The Generals' blitzkrieg attacks were met with varying degrees of success. Some were able to inflict massive damage on the enemy encampments long before they were aware they were under attack. Of significance in these raids was the destruction of critical targets; targets that appeared to hold some significance to the army they represented.

In others, the defenders were able to quickly turn the tables on the attackers, holding on to their encampment till the aggressors lost resolve or annihilating them outright. While these attacks were unexpected, perhaps those Generals were too reckless in preparing the assault, or vastly under estimated the fortitude of their targets.

Regardless of the outcome of any individual battle, however, it was now clear that Eden wasn't going to be taken in a day. Those camps that were routed quickly sent word to their commanders that the enemy were on the move, and the likelihood of another opportunity to strike unknown was minimal. And those Generals that failed their assaults were sent reeling in the wake of their defeat, giving away their intentions to the enemy commanders and losing valuable troops in the process.

Word has come down from Command; not all of the factions on Eden are equally unfriendly, and there is a strong possibility of an alliance that could aid in the planets conquering. Orders have been given to send a field commander accompanied by a small battalion to a rendezvous point to meet with another faction's commander and discuss the possibility of an alliance. The only problem is that two other factions showed up, and you were never quite told who you'd be looking for...

Army Composition and Setup
This is a four player game.

Players will compose an army of up to 1250 points, using their standard army's FOC.

Play will occur on a 4'x4' board.

Deployment & Turn Order
Players roll off and each pick a board edge to be their own. Players may place units in reserve as normal. All units not placed in reserve will walk onto the board edge on the first turn, ala Dawn of War.

Turn order will then proceed as a Free for All.

Victory Conditions
Each Commander (any HQ unit) that survives until the end of combat counts as one objective.

At the end of the game, the player(s) with the most objectives wins.

Mission Special Rules

Free for All

Word from Command: You are not sure which of the three factions was the one you were supposed to ally with, and have sent a request to High Command to clarify. At the beginning of turn 3, before any players roll their dice to determine turn order, the player who's turn it was last rolls a di. On a 1-2, the player immediately allies himself with the player on his left; on a 3-4 he allies himself with the player on his right; on a 5-6 he allies himself with the player across from him.

Play continues as a team match from hereon, with the team who's player went last (who rolled the dice to decide teams) going second.

Note that this roll will determine teams for the rest of the Campaign!

An Axe to Grind: Defending players from Night Two, who's critical target did not survive for the course of the game, may not take said unit again for this mission.

Defending players' whos critical target did survive may choose one free Basic Upgrade from the store to apply to that unit if they choose to use it again for this mission.

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