Monday, December 12, 2011

Foodhammer Update: ACHIEVEMENTS

Horus crashed the family Christmas and the Emperor was pretty upset.
We're going all out with Foodhammer. Pulling out all the stops, bringing you the best prizes, offering the choicest women at the after-party just so you can donate all of your hard earned cash to those less fortunate this winter. OK, there is no after-party.

We've already announced that there will be two megaforces available - Space Marines and Dark Eldar. We've announced that we will be raffling off Imperial Armour 9 and 10 - the Badab War set. We've announced that the normal GW prizes will be available. That is over $700 in prizes to be raffled off. Big thanks to Gamers Sanctuary for providing all of this and being the driver of this charitable work.

To that epic collection will be added the final prize - the ultimate prize - ULTRAMARINES THE MOVIE COLLECTORS EDITION. I know, you're hyperventilating. Calm down, just sit and have a huff for a minute.

So we have four different raffle prizes and the normal GW prize support for a tourney. What else could make this megatournament amazing?

To borrow a phrase from the D6Generation podcast, ACHIEVEMENTS IN GAMING-aming-ing!

During the tournament, when you do something especially amazing, you'll be awarded an Achievement Bag. This bag has some choice bits in it. Some of the bags have something pretty sweet - scouts have spotted a Sanguinor model, a Huron Blackheart Finecast™ model still in box, etc.

Dice bags, tokens, achievement bags. Ultramarines the movie!
Before the tournament starts you'll also receive a dice bag with your tokens in it that you can purchase using tickets. The token goes next to a unit or model that is benefiting from it.

Token sheet
So what are the achievements, you ask? Here they are:
1. Drive me closer!: Explode a vehicle by ramming.

2. Suffer not the alien to love: Nominate one infantry unit at the beginning of the game. Achievement awarded if the unit has not engaged in close combat at the end of the game.

3. No! The other way!: Kill 3 models of your own by accidental scatter of weaponry in one shot.

4. Nice shot kid, one in a million!: Annihilate a unit / vehicle worth more 2x or more the points value than the firing unit.

5. Mama said there would be days like this: Lose close combat by more than 5 wounds.

6. My armor is contempt: A model survives a shooting phase by passing at least 6 saves that round.

7. Even in death I still serve!: Your vehicle explodes, killing at least 3 enemy combatants.

8. To the last man and the last round!: Destroy an enemy vehicle with only "Weapon Destroyed"
and "Immobilized" damage results.

9. No retreat, no surrender!: Your unit is wiped out by No Retreat! wounds.

10. Bullet magnet: A full strength, multi-model enemy unit is wiped out in a single shooting phase via small arms fire alone. No templates, or blast markers of any type may be used.


  1. I'm super pumped about it. It should be a ton of fun.

  2. may want to consider expanding the rules a bit for those achievements.

    ach 4) If a lone survivor of a tac squad with a melta gun kills a Monolith, does the player get the ach?

    ach 5) do banners (and similar effects) count towards the ach?

    ach 10) may want to define "small arms fire". Long fangs, oblits, havocs, etc. may not qualify for "small arms".

  3. Basically we're trying to keep these achievements (and the whole event) casual and for funsies. So if it's not clear whether someone earned one, we say go ahead and consider it earned! We'd like everyone to walk away from here with some kind of prize or award. If there are any questions we can of course always come around and help.