Friday, September 23, 2011

New Necromunda Campaign Starting at Gamers Sanctuary

I'm so excited to be writing this. We're going to be starting our fall / winter campaign at Gamers Sanctuary for Necromunda. For those not familiar, Necromunda is an older Specialist Game that Games Workshop did in the 90's. It is based around small 8-12 man gangs that level up as you fight, acquire items and equipment, and old war wounds if you're unlucky.

I'm going to paste in some of the verbiage we've used to get the campaign going. I hope to attract players from Michigan as well as perhaps inspire other readers to start their own Necromunda campaign. One thing I can't state clear enough: is amazing. We are using this for our campaign and it is so cool.

Verbiage so far:

I'd like to run my Necromunda campaign coming up soon in mid-October. This type of campaign would be much less 'official' and require you really only play when you want to.

You'd only need to buy a gang ($40 minus your discount) from GS.

It would be heavily story-driven and RPG-like. Definitely not 'competitive 40k' or Warmachine. Build a gang and stay with it for a few months, get a couple games in a month. Games are a lot quicker than 40k or Warmachine. Rules are not that tough, basically 2nd edition Warhammer 40k. Not hard at all. Rules are free online as well. ... Id=2600004

We'll start this campaign on Tuesday, October 11th at 6:30 PM. Please input your gang into this website:

It takes a little bit of time but it will be well worth it - we can track each other's gangs, register our injuries and advances, and even produce battle reports. Please let me know what the name of your gang is on the site so I can invite you to our campaign.

The title of our campaign is Now is the Winter of Our Discontent. This reflects that it is getting cold outside and that living in the hive is probably worse than being dead. The first week of our campaign will be regular battles; after that we might have some kind of theme or special mission taken from GW supplements. Nothing will be over the top, and you can always just play a regular battle if you're raged out at the mission for that week.

Necromunda is a game that has a lot of fluff and a lot of cool special stuff that you can find in older supplements. If you want to use it, ask, and we can talk about it. If you want to be an outlaw gang that is fine. I'm playing scavvies. We can use rules from Outlanders if you like. If something contradicts we'll talk about it or roll it up.

As for models, please make an effort to purchase a Necromunda gang. They're $40 MSRP and you get 15% off on a special order I'm fairly sure from GS. The gangs are lovely models and you can get the rules for free.

If you'd like to use other models, or make them out of guardsmen or something, you can do that too. Please no space marines. Necromunda is a hive populated by humans.

 Our Yakromunda page:

Keep watching this blog for further news. I think this will be one of the best campaigns you could play in!

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