Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Grass is Always Greener!

I've been bitten. We've been playing our Deathwatch campaign, I've played a ton of Space Marine and I've been reading Imperial Armour 9 and 10. Guess who stars in all those games? Loyalist Space Marines.

I sold off my Blood Angels a few months ago because I just wasn't digging the army or my models anymore. The way you see most BA armies was not how I imagined them in the fluff. I was just dissatisfied as a whole with the army and made a decent amount back on eBay.

I was pretty proud to not have a Space Marine army there for a while, but having only Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines makes things tough. My tyranids just aren't that great, no matter how much I love them, and Chaos Space Marines are way overpriced points-wise. Plus, I'm not able to field an imperial army. So I decided to start a loyalist chapter that adheres to the codex.

I had been super interested in some of the Badab War chapters, so I decided to model my marines after a chapter from the IA books. I chose the Mantis Warriors. They sound really cool and I like the colors and the fluff.

I have a few goals with this new army:
  • Paint all the models in order to adhere to the codex astartes
  • Model them in order to adhere to the codex astartes
  • Follow the fluff for the Mantis Warriors chapter
  • Build a large enough army to participate in a Badab War campaign
  • Paint them quickly and efficiently
  • Model the rhinos with something really cool on them. Stripes, the arrow, etc.

There is a tiger stripe camo pattern that is shown in multiple pieces of fluff regarding the Mantis Warriors.My painting skills are definitely not up to that level so they're all gonna be green, and possibly some all-yellow guys. Haven't figured that part out yet.
I've been whining about all the blogs I follow and how they used to be about Tyranids and now they're about Space Wolves or Grey Knights or whatever. I stop listening to a podcast if it is mostly about marines. I think I'll just have to buck up and remember why I started playing the game, lol.

I've chosen my painting colors. I'm thinking I'll prime everything using Army Painter to a certain green color if possible (if not, airbrush) and then paint. Yellow is gonna be tough for the marines that don't have removable shoulderpads, so I'll have to see how that works out.


  1. Try Iyanden Darksun for your yellow. It isn't the same shocking yellow as Army Painter's primer and it goes on smoothly over any color. If you can get you hands on some, GW's yellow ink over top of it looks sweet.

  2. My all jump BA armies are really fluffy!