Monday, June 13, 2011

Devouring of Reth Campaign - Apocalypse Finale

Sunday we finished out the Reth campaign with a final Apocalypse battle where the Imperial forces were laying siege to the city of Caul. Despite having three gargantuan creatures and a stompa, the Xenos forces couldn't weather the hail of fire and were decimated.

It was a pretty fun game. Apocalypse games have been bittersweet for me of late since I have bought the huge Tyranid creatures; my games mostly consist of me watching my space dinosaurs die in turn 1 to concentrated fire. Someday they'll get updated... someday *single tear*.

I did manage to kill Dante and a bunch of tanks, but not enough. A "Deathstorm" formation somehow landed 4d6 rending hits on two gargantuan creatures in one turn, killing both. Fool me once!

We had a great battle on my side of the table with my tyranids, Phil from Ruinous Powers had his Chaos move in on my side (he killed Captain Jeremiah!), and we had Eldar on that side as well with some Phoenix Lord formation.

That leads me to my first organizational note - with large public Apocalypse games like this it is tough to organize, but I would recommend limiting everyone to one formation to have a fun game. I specifically included all IA stuff so people could bring all their units, but I think in the future with something like this you have to have an "umpire" or gamemaster to help out.

Really though I'm blowing that out of proportion. It was only about 20 minutes of headache and then we had a great 6 hour game. The Blood Angel / Tyranid / Chaos fight was a bloodbath. The Candidus Callipus Space Hulk board was amazing, Jeremy and Adam and Brian did a great job with their boards.

Some photos, thanks to Josh of Drop Pod Assault:


  1. You know, I had never actually played in an Apocalypse game before. I had fun! Also, you did a great job with the campaign, as much as I participated in it. Homemade purity seals, awesome fanfic fluff, and I got to kill the Golden Boy! Nice job.

  2. I'll get you next time Abbadon! and your daemon sword too!

    Had a lot of fun. Apocalypse is fun to see played. Even if the formations are unbalanced, I like them as an alternative to bringing superheavies.