Friday, May 27, 2011

Finecast Terminator Librarian - Unboxing - Now updated!

Hi all,

Many of you may have seen reports that Finecast is terrible, will ruin GW, likes to kick cute puppies, or refuses to release its real birth certificate. From what I have seen, none of these are the case. (Although I am vaguely suspicous re: this whole birth certificate thing. When will you release the REAL one, Games Workshop?!?!?!?!)

Anyway, here's some pics:

As you can see, quite a bit of flash. But that's to be expected, I think. I found one bubble worth mentioning, which you will see just above the model's face. Annoying, but I can deal. Everything is in one piece, and the details really are great. I also had a chance to look at some of the other Finecast models. From what I could see through blister packaging, they all looked great as well. I did see some small bubbles here and there, nothing outrageous though. One model in particular, Astorath, looked great in resin. All the insane detail on the model really popped in the resin.

I have not started working with the model yet, but am going to play with a piece of sprue and see just how heat reactive the resin is.

Bottom line, it's not perfect, but not the end of the world either.

Update: I've taken the model off the sprue and began cleaning it up. I found several more bubbles, though most are on the underside of the model where they won't be seen. These were most evident on the bottoms of the skulls hanging from the scroll cases on the book/shrine/whatever thing. Very clear description, I know.

Unfortunately, my storm bolter was indeed pretty messed up. I just didn't notice until I got it off the sprue. There are several areas of the model where it seems as if the resin didn't fill in. See pic below. There are also some problems on the ammo belt for the combi-plasmagun. Several bubbles that aren't that big, but still big enough to make several rounds on the belt look pretty bad. (Not that I would build him with it, but still.)

So, a day after getting the model, I have to say the jury may still be out on Finecast. I think over time, these issues will get ironed out and it will be a decent product. But we'll have to wait and see. For now, I'm debating whether to contact GW for a replacement, or suck it up and do some conversions.

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  1. I'd call them for sure. I've lost the old me that said "Nah" when I wasn't happy with a product, but as it stands for the price I pay I demand quality. If something is wrong or badly aligned I call every time and tell them exactly why I'm calling.

    I'm 100% professional and polite and get that in return, but if I'm paying as much for a 'fine cast' I demand it meet those standards put out by GW as "....the highest quality miniatures the world has ever seen - Citadel Finecast." Thats a huge statement and we as consumers need to hold GW accountable for both their prices and their statements. Call them, even if you're not using the bit and tell them its bubbly and tell them you want a new one. You paid for every piece of plastic in that box to be perfect and that is exactly what you should get.