Friday, May 27, 2011

Devouring of Reth Campaign - Cities of Death & Campaign Finish

So we finished the preliminary campaign for Reth and will complete the whole campaign with a giant Apocalypse game on June 12th at GS. All in all this has been a very interesting campaign with a lot of chances to see new armies and play new opponents in new types of 40k games!

The final two weeks we played were City Fights. We used the Cities of Death rules and modified them for 5th edition pretty successfully. The only real rule hangup was the Cities of Death specific rule where models can both move forward and down/up depending on what they rolled for moving through terrain.

Army composition played a very large part in this game type. Bunches of tanks really didn't work out, as they'd get all stuck together and eventually destroyed in melee combat. They also couldn't shoot as well as almost everything received a cover save. I would say transports were nearly useless, but if you have any thoughts please post them!

Xenos (Two tyranids, two orks, eldar, two chaos space marines) won 4-3 both weeks. We had a lot of hordes on our team and the missions were both objective based, so we had a leg up on that. My whole army in our last game had the move through cover USR; this really helped quite a bit (although my genestealers didn't have assault grenades. Worst representation of fluff in 40k!).

A few stratagems I noticed weren't used and could have helped my opponent in the last game. Siege shells are STR10 AP- and can knock buildings down. If my opponent had used these on the first few turns it would have helped him quit a bit. Instead he chose to go for the AP value of the regular shot, I got my carnifexes across the field (I had one left, with 1 wound left!) Once the carnifex and the hive tyrant and genestealers got into combat with that squad of Leman Russes they were toast.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed Cities of Death. I would definitely recommend it for a home game or a once in a while thing to break up the monotony of the 3 missions and 3 deployments. The visual of all the buildings and your dudes running through them is something that can't be beat.

I'll keep my wrap up of all the regular games short and sweet. We had 2 weeks of combat patrol first. These were fun and a lot of the people had never played combat patrol before so it was a good way to show them a new way to play. We used the Adepticon Combat Patrol rules and they worked out really well (no punishment of Tyranids!).

The 3rd and 4th weeks were Battle Missions. I was stunned by the amount of people that told me they wouldn't buy the book for it (c'mon, it is cheap and has tons of fluff and new ways to play! Man up!) but would spend a ton of money on new models. Eh.

The missions went OK. Both were pretty heavily stacked vs the Xenos teams but they were still fun. Campaigns aren't supposed to be fair, just fun. I encouraged everyone to bring new models that they have never used or would never use (I used lictors!) in order to provide a more fun environment for everyone. Weeks 5 and 6 were Cities of Death. I posted my thoughts above.

The Apocalypse game will feature two 8x8 boards with 6 people on each at 3,000 points each person and a 4x4 space hulk board with two people on it. We'll be using the Boarding Action rules from Imperial Armour 9 for this. I'll have to re-listen to the Independent Characters podcast about IA9 and Boarding Actions. While you're at it check out their Cities of Death review.

I'll have the fluff up soon that will detail the situation of the apocalypse battle. It is going to be really, really, really cool.


  1. I had a great time, best campaign we've played to date. Thanks for putting the work into the story and the missions. I really liked the variety. The veteran skills were great even if I got burned by them a bit.

  2. Thanks for the comments! How did you get burned by vet skills?

  3. Tank Hunter lootas immobilizing his Land Raider deathstar might have something to do with that...