Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Year in Review: Star Wars Destiny

In case you missed it, I've covered Games Workshop and video games so far in our review - today is the newest newcomer to our list, Star Wars Destiny. I've talked a bit about Destiny before - so today I just wanted to talk about the deck I'm working on. I'm a bit of a card game newbie so please forgive if I am making some rookie mistakes here.

First Deck

Rogue / Force

Sets: Awakenings

Rebel War Room (Awakenings #171)

2x Count Dooku, Devious Strategist (Awakenings #9)
2x Jabba the Hutt, The Great and Mighty (Awakenings #20)

2x Immobilize (Awakenings #14)
1x Kylo Ren's Lightsaber (Awakenings #15)
2x Sith Holocron (Awakenings #16)
2x Crime Lord (Awakenings #23)
2x On the Hunt (Awakenings #26)
2x Force Throw (Awakenings #57)
2x Force Training (Awakenings #58)
1x Lightsaber (Awakenings #59)
2x Cunning (Awakenings #65)
2x Prized Possession (Awakenings #102)

2x Black Market (Awakenings #64)
2x Underworld Connections (Awakenings #101)

2x Enrage (Awakenings #81)
2x Isolation (Awakenings #85)
2x Fight Dirty (Awakenings #95)
2x Scramble (Awakenings #161)

As you can see, I'm using a blue/yellow deck. I really like yellow a lot - scum have always been my favorite part of the Star Wars universe. I opened Jabba in my first pack, so he's kinda my go-to dude. I really like how he plays, and he's a perfect pairing, in my opinion, with Dooku.

I'm using Jabba's two-dice version, so he's generating a ton of Focus sides, hopefully. I haven't really messed around with him discarding the opponent - I just don't know if this is his best attribute. I'd rather use his dice to re-roll my other dice or focus them to things I really need.

I really like Dooku as a pairing with Jabba because he's super durable. Jabba has zero melee or ranged ability on his dice, so if they want to focus down my damage character, they gotta get through Dooku's shields. He also has the ability to attach a lightsaber (Kylo's) and just throw damage downfield.

I'm using his two dice version, so I'm hoping for a good amount of melee damage out of him. I can use Jabba's focus to change his dice if necessary.

This deck is hoping to do some control - it has Prized Possession to remove out a character die, Force Throw and Isolation to remove dice, and scramble to just reroll their dice. I have found one of the things about this game is your opponent can roll a huge character like Han with a gun and suddenly its your turn and you're facing down five or six ranged damage and imminent death - Scramble is not a guarantee for survival, but its zero cost and it can perhaps make them re-roll into something not as good.

Sith Holocron is an amazing card that you've likely seen in a ton of decks. I'm using it here to bring on stuff like Force Training and Force Throw and I may bring Mind Probe into the deck as well.

One of my favorite things in the deck is Crime Lord. There isn't much to say other than it is really nasty. It is very hard to successfully trigger, but once you get it on the field your opponent is always vigilant for when you have five resources. My last game I played I knocked out a Luke that had no damage on him to leave my opponent with a Rey with five or so on her. It might seem like an easy button, but you do have to put it on the field and then actually get the resources.

One of the things I like about the deck is how you can get resources with Underworld Connections and Black Market.

One of the other synergies is with Cunning. If you can't get that 1/3 chance to roll a special on Crime Lord and you can't focus to it, perhaps you get a special on Cunning and you can Crime Lord a character. On The Hunt is a nice one cost upgrade that you can replace later - but its nice because again its controlling your opponents dice and shields.

While Dooku is here to do most of the damage with Lightsabers and Force skills, Fight Dirty is perhaps the star of the deck. For one cost, I can remove my Yellow dice on the board and do damage to someone. When I first looked at this, I thought it was garbage because why would I want to remove my own dice?

However, a lot of my Yellow dice aren't doing damage anyway, and some of them won't even be 'deployed' on Jabba. Black Market will be sitting off to the side by itself. This is also 'damage out of hand' which can't be seen by your opponent coming. They may see how many dice you have on the board and prepare, but maybe there's nothing they can do.

Jabba comes with two yellow guaranteed, and you'll have upgrades on him that maybe you just want to shove out for damage using this card. I'd like to figure out if I have a card that can pull this event from the discard so I can play it again - but two four-or-five damage Fight Dirty cards should win you the game.

Last game I had I actually ended it with Fight Dirty. I crime lorded Luke the turn prior, then Fight Dirty'd Rey for huge damage and won. It felt nasty but that is Yellow!

I am not sure what the 'benchmarks' should be for a blue/yellow deck in Destiny but here's my statistics for the deck. I feel like the 'cost curve' is not bad - perhaps I should have fewer cost two cards? I don't have a ton of damage as you can see but the damage comes from Crime Lord and Fight Dirty, whatever Dooks can do is awesome.

What have you been using? Do you have any suggestions for me?


  1. I would take out a force training for a force choke it would add more damage they would have to worry about.

    1. I have to get one of those - still haven't pulled one. Thanks for the comment though - I'm really not sold on Force Training.

  2. i started out using a elite Leia deck, but now with more cards, im having fun with Han/Hired Gun/Padawan. the padawan is just an excuse to try and make use of my Luke's Lightsaber. still got to try out villan!

  3. Do you think Rebel Base works like that with Crime Lord? I don't think it does... The die itself doesn't have a cost.

    1. Yeah I should have changed that =) got called out on MI destiny group