Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Michigan GT - Infinity Tournament Highlights

The Michigan GT was this past weekend and I played in the 2nd Annual Great Lakes 0-12 ProxyWar ITS tournament. Last year I played in the MIGT tournament and had a lot of fun. This year was a bigger event with 16 players bringing 400 point lists (two single faction list options per ITS). I am used to playing 300 point games and I needed to paint some models to prepare for 400 points. Hobby and game pics after the jump.

While a few of the FCG guys have Infinity armies, I am the only one playing it in tournaments. I was surprised to see that I have moved up the ITS rankings since I have only played in three sanctioned events. I do enjoy the game mechanics and the most of the miniature models are very good. I painted up some unfinished models for my "vanilla" ALEPH army in preparation for having two 400 point lists available.
Dactyl Engineer, Scylla and Devabot Charybdis
Deva Functionary with Spitfire and Naga Minelayer
Sophotect with two Yudbots

Posthumans - Proxy I, II, and III (no IV proxy model exists so my III was a proxy of a proxy lol)
Civilian HVT and Marut TAG (rebased and touched up paint)
I also made a display board using a painted wood picture frame with a paper insert. I added some previously painted display pieces and it turned out pretty nice and served as a way to carry all my models for both lists.

Before the tournament I got in two 400 point practice games in to tune my lists for the event. I wasn't sure how well my TAG list would be so I made what I thought was a strong #2 list.

Both lists have some similarities as I wanted to maximize number of Orders and Specialists for ITS missions. I ended up going 3-1 for the day which was good (3-0 with my TAG list), but I ended up with lower objective totals that put me in 9th place out of 16 players. I honestly haven't completely figured out the ITS tournament scoring but I did learn objectives are weighted heavily more than just wins and losses. 

Game 1 - ALEPH vs PanO (Neoterran Capitaline) - Mission Cold Sleep
Final Score: ALEPH 5 - PanO 3
Game 2 - ALEPH vs Tohaa - Mission Highly Classified
Final Score: ALEPH 6 - Tohaa 3
Game 3 - ALEPH vs Nomads (Bakunin) - Mission Engineering Deck
Final Score - ALEPH 1 - Nomads 8
Game 4 - ALEPH vs Ariadna - Mission Comms Center
Final Score - ALEPH 5 - Ariadna 4
It was a good day and my Marut TAG proved to be my MVP in the 3 games I won. In hindsight, I should have stuck with one list and out smarted myself by changing lists in my 3rd game when I didn't have to.

Infinity is my current favorite game to play and I look forward to working on getting my Steel Phalanx and USAriadna forces together soon.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Great work! 400 pts seems like a lot!

  2. had a great time with our 400pt prep game. looking forward to the league soon and seeing more players starting up infinity.

    i played in the TAG deathmatch due to a free friday, and it was a very fun crowd!