Friday, September 16, 2016

Finished Gates of Antares Algoryn 1,000 Point Force

I recently finished my first 1,000 points of Algoryn for Beyond the Gates of Antares. Algoryn were definitely the first force to jump off the screen at me. I will admit their visual similarity to Garrus from Mass Effect definitely made me interested!

They're overall dark blue with red contrast. I spray painted some grass tufts neon orange to provide some cool contrast and make it look like a really alien planet.

Here they are:

Here is the entire force - two assault squads, an AI infantry squad, an assault command squad, a mag mortar, x-launcher, and targeting drones.

Here is the boss and his retinue. I also included a medi-drone and spotter drone.

The AI infantry. I chose yellow for their faces to again provide some contrast vs the blue. I used Secret Weapon washes to make the blue layered a little bit. The guns are plain silver mostly because I feel like they're just simple dudes, they don't need to decorate their weapons.

Here are the two assault squads. I really like assault squads - they're pretty dedicated and they differentiate between the other factions' forces really well. In close combat they can be really tough or hit really hard - I love that!

When Warlord first showed off the mag mortar, this was me:

It's a beautiful model and I love the crew. The dude with the huge rail thingy is so awesome. I really like how Warlord made the crew for all the weapon teams different.

X-launchers with their special ammunition are amazing. I think I've seen pretty much every list online including one. They're definitely worth it.

Targeter probes are good. They really good. They give you +1 cumulative bonus to shooting up to a +3 against any units they touch. They're a priority target for your enemy, and that's ok.

I also painted a hover tank from another company to proxy as a liberator until that comes out. The official Warlord model is beautiful.

What's next? Well, I have nine! intruder skimmers to paint, a compression bombard and a compression cannon. After that I have a few weapons teams to paint and infiltration squads!

(OH, and I'll probably do a 500 point Boromite force to keep up with my club mates!)

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. Xilos online campaign was so good. cant wait to see the algoryn and isorian larger vehicles come out