Friday, August 14, 2015


A few of us attended GenCon again this year and it was as fun as ever.  I registered a bit late this year but smartly arrived a day early to pick up my badge and tickets.  Avoiding the huge will call line Thursday morning allowed me to join the mad rush when the Exhibit Hall opened up.   I definitely did a lot of shopping this time but also managed to play some games each of the four days I attended.

As a diversified gamer, Gencon is a mixed blessing.   Seeing all the awesome on display is a bit much and I injulged quite a bit this year.  So even with a backlog of hobby projects at home I added yet more things on the "to do" list for many of my favorite games.

My GenCon Haul - Not shown, stuff I bought for other people
Gencon definitely keeps growing each year and parking was a big issue each day.   I'm fortunate to be able to stay at a friends house who lives outside Indianapolis so I at least get to save on hotel costs.   But driving down in the morning and parking was very expensive this year which was the only bummer.

Anyway, here are some highlights from my trip to the best four days in gaming!

Star Trek Attack Wing Tourney
Another ST:AW event - Q continuum OP1-3 - Very fun, awesome prize support
Played a demo of the new 40k boardgame - Forbidden Stars

Played a couple of Iron Arena Games with my Circle Orboros army

Got to play my favorite board game - Star Trek Fleet Captains

I watched a bit of this massive ancient Greek battle - thats a lot of minis on the table!

 Star Wars Imperial Assault Skirmish tournaments on custom 3D terrain - it was unpainted though :(  
Tried to keep tradition with a dark elf cosplayer picture each year

Great cosplay on display everyone you looked

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