Friday, October 10, 2014

Regiments of Renown Wrapup - Fallschirmjager Painting

Part one, two, and three can be found at their respective links. This is my final post for Regiments of Renown month (a little late) about the Fallschirmjager I put together and painted up. I realized I hadn't really posted a summary of the painting process and output.

I followed exactly the guide from Mick Farnworth. I chose to paint my dudes as retreating from Italy, so they have a mix of the splittermuster 41 (splinter pattern - gray base) and the sumpfmuster 43 (swamp pattern - tan base) camo patterns. They have black steel, Luftwaffe blue, and some tropical yellow helmets - mostly of the latter variant. I mixed up the pants as well, giving them fieldgrey, yellow, and Luftwaffe blue pants. I realize that the Luftwaffe blue would have been uncommon then but I wanted a few guys to be different.

Rustoleum actually makes a camo spray that is SUPER flat and almost a 100% match to the base color for Sumpfmuster 43, so I base coated all the dudes in that color (khaki on the can). This spray also perfectly matches Vallejo 70821 German Camo Beige, so it was easy to touch up.

For the Splittermuster I used a light gray from Vallejo according to the Mick Farnworth guide. I painted over their smocks with that color and then began the camo patterns. The key was to make little angled shapes with each color and also combine them - so the brown wasn't just by itself, it was always right next to a green. This was in the examples but also in the guidance from Farnworth as well as Heresybrush in Paintingwar 1: German Army. The PW guide is amazing and well worth a buy.

For the streaks in the camo I used a micropen. I had thought a green might work but it appeared to bright - so I just used black. That worked really well and looks great.

You can see above the first battle I fought with the FJ against a really tough American vets platoon. The squads help up to a ton of fire and brought down two squads (in buildings!) with a weight of fire. 
Primered with the Rustoleum khaki.
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Primered with the Rustoleum khaki. The officer at the right is the one I chose to lead my force. Both dudes are Artizan models.

You can see here I've put on the light gray basecoat on the dudes with the splinter camo smocks.
The officer close up with his newly painted jacket. Some of the dudes in this pic were from Victory Force - I removed them after a bit because I just felt they were a little too big. I think they'd be great in a force all by themselves or with 1/48 scale tanks.
My sniper with his camo, pants, and helmet painted. After this I painted the skin in three tones, then washed, then highlighted.
Reverse of pic above.
Officer with his yellow pants and Luftwaffe blue hat. I have another officer being painted with a white hat :D

Panzerschreck team and sniper team

Hetzer that I painted at the same time as the rest of these dudes.

A squad of guys including the panzerfaust. I really like the basing scheme with a few splashes of color to offset the mostly drab camo.
MMG team

There are a lot of temperate helmets in this squad but I did try to mix it up to provide that disheveled look.

The 'extra man' is the adjutant with an assault rifle.

 Medium mortar. It hurts to pay vet points for a mortar, but I can deal with it.

Another shot of the Hetzer. I've determined that Panzer 38t is now my favorite tank. I'm painting a platoon of Hetzers right now and have in the back of my mind a plan for a Slovak army based around 35t, 38t, and infantry. I'll probably paint up a squad of 38ts for fun and I have a Marder II on the shelf as well.

I only have two squads, an officer, two weapons teams, and two support teams painted up so far - I plan to have another six squads done... but first I must paint up some marines for Foodhammer. I am using this guide.

Have a great weekend and thanks for having a look!

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