Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thornwood Thursday: Horgle Ironstrike and his Pyre Troll buddy

Today I'm posting some recently painted models which are quickly becoming some of my favorites in game: the Journeyman Warlock Horgle Ironstrike, and a plastic Pyre Troll to replace my old metal one.

Horgle Ironstrike was part of the pre-releases made available at the recent Adepticon. My bros were awesome enough to make sure I got one. I figured if I was going to get a pre-release, I better get it painted right away or what was the point? This dude assembled well, had mostly easy to remove mold lines, and was fun to paint.

Painted goggles using 40k style lens/gem technique. Nice to make use of it again.

The studio model has the whole sword flaming, sort of like a 40k power sword. I just made the runes do so. Hammer has more standard blue arcane glow also.

Dude carries around an anvil because why not.

Horgle is not super powerful, but certainly not bad either. He and his discounted beasts (Pyre or Slag Trolls only) help the warlock by taking some fury load away and also providing cool utility. I've enjoyed him in the few chances I've had to play him.

Of course, after I painted Horgle, I needed to provide a Pyre Troll buddy for him. Technically I had one, but it was the old and super small metal Pyre. Franky I did a poor job painting it, so I wanted another stab at the MUCH cooler plastic model.

I tried to follow the studio scheme for his skin, including NOT relying on washes as I do. Looks different over white primer, but still good I think.

Flames are tough to paint well. Think I did ok at least.

Pyre trolls are great utility beasts with a damage buff animus that also provides fire immunity. With Horgle, they cost a point less making them even better. I've only run a Slag Troll with him so far, but Mr. Fire Hands here will definitely get a chance to shine soon!

As always, thanks for checking out my stuff.

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  1. Love the pyre troll model. Awesome job on the flames