Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A New 40k Campaign is Coming!

Warhammer 40,000 is a tactical miniatures game set in the "grimdark" future where there is only WAR! Fresh Coast Gaming and Gamers Sanctuary are excited to announce a new campaign for Warhammer 40k: The Conquest of Kaiserslautern VI!
This campaign is designed for new players just getting into the hobby, or for experienced players looking to start a new collection. It works best with the units straight out of the Dark Vengeance Starter Box, but substitutions for all other armies are available.

This campaign is designed to run for four weeks and will encourage both the gaming and painting aspects of the hobby. There will be a small, one time, $5 participation fee for all participants, but 100% of those fees will be turned into prize support for the campaign. Participation prizes will be awarded to everyone who finishes the campaign and individual awards will be handed out for achieving certain milestones for both hobby and gaming elements. Points will also be awarded for bringing new players into the campaign, so tell your friends!

Each week will feature unique missions specially designed to introduce the basic concepts of the game to new players, but will also provide a welcome break from the missions veteran players are used to. Units will be added gradually to the story, giving players plenty of time to purchase, assemble, and paint their new models. Only models purchased through Gamers Sanctuary may be counted towards hobby points.

Each game night will be divided into two sessions; Hobby and Gaming. Participants will be given the opportunity to assemble and paint their models at Gamers Sanctuary (you will need to bring your own paints, brushes and tools) then play in one of the scenarios afterword. With each mission taking only 30-40 minutes to complete, there will be plenty of time to break out your paints and brushes. In order to help encourage and instruct new players, members of Fresh Coast Gaming will be on hand to give tips on assembly, painting, and basing as well as some tutorial instruction on playing the game itself. We all believe in the philosophy of “Playing it Painted”, and encourage EVERYONE to do the same.

This campaign will be open to all ages. It makes a great night out for parents and their kids looking for a way to spend time together. If you have been looking into Warhammer 40k, but have always been intimidated by the idea of learning a new game or see painting your models as a daunting task, THIS IS THE CAMPAIGN FOR YOU! Join us at 6:00pm Wednesday nights from April 16th to May 7th and PREPARE FOR WAR!

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