Thursday, May 3, 2012

Model Swap Month - Ork Nob by Muggins

For model swap month (April) I pulled an ork nob from Geneguard. I finished it on Monday, April 30th, so I did make it in time! I welcomed the chance to paint an ork as I haven't painted greenskins since I was about 12 years old painting my fantasy orcs.

I used paints from the new line except for an old enchanted blue for the blue parts. The skin is Waaaaghhh!!! Flesh, the boots and vest are Abaddon Black, his pants are Troll Slayer Orange, eyes are Evil Sunz Scarlet, the metal is Ironbelcher, and the wraps are Calgar Blue.

Ironbelcher is REALLY thick. It is a Base™ paint, so very close to a foundation. The model itself wasn't super challenging to paint, but there are some cool things to do with the blue ork army color.

I believe I used Ice Blue to define his face paint a little.

This project was pretty interesting and I really hope Geneguard uses his new Nob with snazzy pants!


  1. This guy came out super well and is even cooler in person. My model for April will be up tomorrow!