Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fresh Coast 40K Goes Viral!

Well, not quite yet.
However, we are very proud to announce the founding of our very own You Tube channel!  We'll be bringing you video battle reports from the entire gang.  Our hope is to feature the varied collections of our members along with the style of games we tend to play.  Fluff tends to dominate all of our games, and we hope that shines through.  Draigo-Wing and Leaf Blower lists are very rare in our club.  Expect to see batreps that feature the models of our monthly painting projects (more on May's endeavors later this week).  Also take note that, unlike most other video batreps out there, Fresh Coast 40K will make every effort to only use completely painted armies.  Lets face it; the games are just that much better with armies that look great.  Eventually, we'll be doing Warmachine, Fantasy, and (hopefully!) some Battle Tech.  However, it seems that we are all on a 40K kick lately, so we'll see a lot of it here.  Perhaps I can motivate Phil and Geneguard to do some painting tutorials in the future...

Check out the first video posted below.  It's a practice game for the Great Lakes Team Challenge we are hosting on the 19th at GS.  Muggins and I take on Tau4Eva and Warmaster Phil in a two-on-two Adepticon  2012 mission.  Please forgive the quality of these first few projects as our equipment and editing skills catch up to our ambitions.  Be sure to subscribe to the channel on your way out.  As usual, please post any comments or (constructive) criticisms below and enjoy!


  1. Give it a better title! Batrep1.wmv? How about The Greater Evil vs. Badab to the Bone? The Unholy Alliance vs. Loyalist Scum?

    1. Done. Thanks for the suggestion. You Tube defaults titles to the file name. I'll be sure to change them in the future. Still learnin'.

  2. I got a laundry list of comments, questions and suggestions so prepare youself. ;)

    First, welcome to the world of posting video batreps. I've done many myself and enjoy watching them. To see mine you can check them out at or search for them on my blog at Okay, that's enough shameless plugging on my part. On to the comments.

    Please note that I am not trying to criticize or flame in any way. I am trying to offer some constructive criticism based on my both my own experience making them and just on my opinions as a viewer of them. With that in mind I'll start with the good stuff...

    My first thought is that I'm really glad you are going to try to keep it to painted armies only. I try to stay to that standard myself, (though I'll usually let my opponents slip a little from time to time.) Nothing is more off putting in a video batrep to me then to start watching only to see a field of grey miniatures. I don't mind playing against them so much, but I don't want to watch them. So kudo's to you there!

    Next, I liked both the intro and outro music. I thought they worked well. I would caution you though to keep a backup of your file that doesn't have them. I had a batrep of mine that had some copyrighted music for the opening and because of that they muted it the whole way through so you couldn't even hear the commentary. That batrep is pretty much useless now. Keep using the stuff as long as they let you just be prepared.

    I also thought your breakdown of the action was pretty good. From experience I know how hard it can be without a script! :)

    Good transitions from scene to scene.

    Okay, now on to the not-so-good.

    Losing entire turns sucks. It happens, I know, but it still sucks. I expect you already plan on working on that, so I'll not harp on it too much.

    The title effects where the written words on the screen bounced and jiggled looked kinda cool, but made it a bit disconcerting to try and actually read it.

    Now a couple of questions.

    There were some spots where the picture kind of skewed a bit. Was this a deliberate effect? It was kind of cool and at the same time a bit distracting. Based on the comments on the youtube channel I don't think I was the only one who noticed. I'm not putting this in the not-so-good category because I don't think it was bad just different.

    The rest has to do with the armies and not so much the video. I plan on coming out on the 19th, and I played in the Adepticon team tournament and there were a couple of things that struck me about these lists. Simply put there appeared to be too many Imperial Armor units.

    The Star Phantoms list had an HQ that I am guessing was from IA that let you take the devs as troops, but it also had two vindicators. The Tau list also appeared to have too many IA units as well. According to the Adepticon team rules you can only have one IA unit in one list and if you do that list cannot have more than one each of heavy, fast and elites.

    Maybe these aren't the lists your planning on running on the 19th and were just some for fun lists to practice the missions. If so that's cool, but as I understood it the rules for the 19th are the same as for Adepticon.

    Anyway, I've droned on long enough. In the end I enjoyed the batrep and look forward to your future ones! I also look forward to seeing/meeting you on the 19th. Till then...

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Cerberus has plans already in place for improving the next one. Stay tuned!

      As far as the lists, I am not taking my Tau to the tournament. List was for fun and just wanted my Tau to be part of the inaugural batrep. Adepticon team list building rules will be enforced.

    2. Thank you very much for the constructive nature of this post. This is the kind of encouragement we want and need. I plan on using music from either my band or one of my friend's. The Rush tune was more of a tribute than anything.

      As for the quality of the video, what can you expect from free flip cameras? As the equipment improves, so will the videos.

      Finally for the lists, reread the Adepticon Team Tournament rules. Each teammate (Muggins and I are on an all Badab War Marine team) gets a different force org chart. I drew the one with the extra Heavy slot, he has the extra Fast one. IA units are allowed, but each is considered to be unique. The Tau army was legit, even with all the IA stuff.

    3. Just looked at the Adepticon rules again and your right. That's a change from 2011 to 2012 that I never noticed.

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  4. This is super awesome. Don't have much else to say right now. I think this is a great step that we can only make better. Thanks for stealing the initiative, Cerberus.

  5. Excellent job!! Looking forward to seeing more!