Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shoot the Big Ones! Tyrannofexes and Brood Progenitors of Hive Fleet Muggis

The last few weeks I've been working on my new tyrannofexes and tervigons. I love the new models - they're very hierophant-y and HUGE. They're super detailed and the new weapons and biomorphs look amazing.

I had been practicing a 2250 list for a while since the Gamers Sanctuary tournament in April was a 2250 tourney. For fun, I built a list with three tyrannofexes and three tervigons. I figured out that I think it works pretty well, especially with venomthropes to give some cover and defensive grenades etc. I had never really been a fan of tyrannofexes, but if you use enough of them they can be effective.

I have one more tyrannofex to paint. You'll notice one tervigon is much darker. I can't say this was planned - I bought what I thought was my normal dip but it definitely wasn't, so she ended up super dark. I think this will work to my advantage, though - sometimes you take an HQ tervigon. She'll be my HQ one, as clearly she is much older.

Line up
I really enjoyed using the new colors on these guys. Mephiston Red is perfect as my Kraken chitin color. I tried out some new colors that I haven't used in this hive fleet - orange and purple on the big gribblies. These colors will make these guys 'pop' beyond all the red, black, and pink small creatures.

I really love how the tyrannofexes turned out. The guns are HUGE. The dip didn't override the orange too much and the green helps make the guns pop. These dudes are going to be walking cover for the other MCs.

The tervigons. I may end up painting some green dots in the front arms of the lighter dipped ones. These arms are not tervigon arms - they're the tyrannofex fleshborer hive arms - however they just looked too damn cool to not use somewhere. The baby bags are Genestealer Purple. I've seen some images on the net of the babies being all bloody or fluid green or whatever. I really like that idea - it is gross and tyraniddy - but it didn't really fit my painting style. Instead I wanted them to be looking like they were going right into action and have them be a focal point of the model.

I really like how these models turned out and look forward to using them in the near future. Check back with Fresh Coast 40k in May for our thoughts on what should be in 6th Edition as well as the buildup for the Great Lakes Team Challenge on May 19th.


  1. Looks like Lobsterfest at Red Lobster! excellent work!

  2. They look great. They are definitely imposing models on the table.