Saturday, March 17, 2012

Steampunk Saturday - Trolls keep on comin'

Short and sweet update today, wherein I post a couple of models I finished recently.

First up is my Trollblood Runebearer, more commonly known as Troll Moses. The reason why is obvious I think.

Troll Moses commands you to go beat face!
This guy is another example of the great support options Trollbloods have. He's a cheap (for Trollbloods) 2 point warcaster attachment who hangs out super close to the warlock. He has a once per turn action that allows the warlock to cast a spell for 1 less Fury (to a minimum of 1). In addition, once per game, Mose can cast his warlock's spell using the warlock's stats, etc. Both of these abilities allow for much-needed Fury management, something Trollbloods can have trouble with.

Next is my converted Trollblood Champion Hero:

Front view

Rear view
This guy is actually a conversion, made from an eMadrak body and arms, Fennblade UA weapon, and a Champion head. Basically, I bought an eMadrak whose head (integrated into the body) was miscast. Privateer Press sent me a replacement, so of course I had to find a way to use the original body. After some quality time with jeweler's saws, greenstuff, and a visit to the awesome bits store Privateer Press provides, I had this dude.

In game, Trollblood Champion Heroes are a 3pt solo. They represent Trollblood Champions who are a cut above the already elite units of Champions. They're pretty mean melee warriors, with high MAT and STR on a reach weapon. Additionally, they can do a Thresher attack, attacking everything in their line of sight in one swing. Thresher on a reach weapon can mean a whole lot of dead infantry (including your own if you're not careful!). Getting into combat, he has Pathfinder when he charges so terrain doesn't slow him down. Oh and to top it off, he is a Weaponmaster (like all Champs) meaning he gets an extra die on damage rolls.

Outside of combat, he's no slouch either. He's Tough, like any other troll. So 1/3 of the time when you kill him, he shrugs it off.  He is a Commander, meaning nearby units can test off his Leadership. He has Retaliatory Strike, meaning once per turn if he he's hit by a melee attack and not killed, he gets to make a return attack. Finally, he allows nearby Trollblood Champions to charge through each other and ignore each other when determining line of sight. That may not sound exciting, but it can make a big difference when your infantry is all on medium bases.

Finally, non-steampunk related, but big thanks to Mike a.k.a. Muggins for helping arrange this awesomeness, and to the other FC40k crew for hanging out and celebrating:

It was delish, trust me.


  1. Troll Moses looks awesome... how do you get the runes in the rocks to look like that?

    Also basically f all trollkin champions

  2. Runes I did using my smallest brush and an application of extra thin (almost wash consistency) Arcane Blue from P3. I highlighted with a dot of 50/50 mixed Arcane Blue and Menoth White Highlight.

  3. Love the tartan design on the clothes!