Saturday, March 24, 2012

Salamander Contemptor Dreadnought - Complete!

Salamanders Contemptor - Front View
Burn, baby burn.

I stayed up too late last night finishing my Salamanders Contemptor. This makes for painted dreadnought number eight. I...I think I may have a problem...

This was a fun way to get back to my Salamanders for a bit. This article, courtesy Dark Future Games, was a big help in terms of modeling and posing my Salamander Contemptor. I don't think I necessarily did a great job with the dynamism, but I'm glad I forced myself to try. I'm super guilty of putting things in quite static poses. In addition, I tried out brass etch for the first time. I didn't go too crazy with the stuff, but I like the detail it adds. I particularly like the flame icon on the kneepad.

Painting this contemptor was fairly straightforward. It all started with black primer, followed by a basecoat of the Salamanders standby, Snot Green (using my airbrush). After that it was a matter of blocking out metallic or black areas, and painting on details. The 'silvery' areas are my usual Boltgun, Badab Wash, Boltgun drybrush, and finally a Mithril Silver edge highlight. Gold areas start with a 50/50 mix of Scorched Brown and Shining Gold. I then do a heavy-ish drybrush of Shining Gold. Wash Devlan Mud, then light drybrush and/or edge highlight with Shining Gold again. This also included all the rivets on this dude (ugh).

The multimelta and heavy flamer both show my standard scorching. After painting the metal, I drybrush Shining Gold, followed by drybrushing of Scorched Brown then Chaos Black.

Salamanders Contemptor - Right View

Like all my dreadnoughts lately, I weathered this model using sponged-on Chaos Black, followed by stippling of Boltgun Metal. I then went the extra step on this guy and highlighted the stippling with Mithril Silver. I also highlighted all the edges- green areas got a mix of Snot Green and Golden Yellow with a drop of Menoth White Highlight. I think I didn't make the mix as bright as usual, which means the highlights are harder to see. But they're on there, and basically there was no way I was doing a 2nd layer of edge highlights on this guy. I was reaching my limit with this model already. I prefer subtle edge highlights anyway.

Salamanders Contemptor - Rear View
My base is the usual for my 40k stuff- Adeptus Battlegrey drybrush followed by a lighter drybrush of Astronomican Grey. I went too heavy with the greys though, more painting a basecoat of Adeptus then drybrushing. It'd been too long since I based a 40k model I guess. Still, it shouldn't stick out too much from the rest of the army. Also featured on the base are the rusted, half-buried remains of a Killa Kan. I spent way too much time hacking up and painting something that wound up mostly covered in snow. Oh well!  A cool model deserves a special base.

So that's it for me. Looking forward to seeing the remainder of these contemptor dreadnoughts!


  1. Very nice. The battle damage is there, but not too overpowering.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Thanks Ron! I really appreciate the kind words, especially as you're one of my favorite painters out there.

  3. Well I think you've got a nice model there. The green is very smooth, the freehand on the knee makes for a good contrasting element and even though you can barely see it (which is good) the blue on the base is a nice spot color as well.

    Ron, FTW

  4. What techniques do you use for taking photo's of your models? They always come out brilliant! Also, how much time did you invest in painting (only painting) this model?

  5. Excellent job! Thank you for including the steps for the different effects with your paint - It gives me ides to go back of some of my Blood-Wolves!

  6. Ron: Thanks again! Unfortunately I can't claim freehanding skill there- that's the relatively new Salamanders brass etch from FW you see there.

    Jeremy: Thanks man. The key with these pics was good old fashioned sunlight. I took the model out on my back porch with some white paper and set up the backdrop you see there. I took the pictures with my iPhone 4S and did some slight color/light balance correction in Picasa. I can't recall exactly how much time I spent painting it. I'd guess 12-14 hours? I paint really slowly though.

    Brian: Thanks. Glad to provide the tips. Shame I never take many WIP pics. I know Mike is always at me to do step by step WIP pics for the blog but I never remember to once I really start cranking out the paint.

  7. Pretty sweet base! Nice to see Salamander dreads can still kill a Killa Kan.

  8. The battle damage is an awesome touch, well done!